8 Best PC Cases Under $100 To Buy In 2020

Best PC Cases

For the users wishing to build an ultimate dream PC, there are a number of gorgeous PC cases available in the market but they are not always the most affordable ones. Do not lose hope though, as there are also some very awesome options that come under a 100$ budget with all the features you could possibly want such as ample space, fans, stylish design and soundproofing amongst others. Here we will provide you a list of the best cases you can find in the market for your money along with highlighting their most prominent features.

Best PC Cases Under $100

The following are all the cases that we can recommend that are under $100:

Phanteks P400S

Best PC Cases

The Phanteks P400S is a high quality PC casing which is overall a perfect choice for your PC build. A striking mid-tower, with enough room for larger sized GPUs the case comes with even more attractive features given below:

  • It is installed with two 120mm fans
  • Can support a radiator up to 360mm with a full-sized power supply.
  • Has soundproofing
  • Features a full-length glass panel in one side
  • Price: 79$

Thermaltake Core V21

Best PC Cases

Next on this list is the V21 which is especially commendable for its small form. It is perfect to use for storage boxes and media PCs.  Its features are as follows:

  • Can fit a Mini ATX or M-ATX motherboard along with its additional components despite its small size.
  • There is still room left over for a GTX 1080.
  • The price range at 70$ is very affordable.

Phanteks P350X

Best PC Cases

If you are an RGB enthusiast and under a budget, then here is an excellent option for you. Regardless of its small size, this casing has a decent amount of space that is required for an ATX build. Here are its basic features:

  • Comes with concealed drive cages in its base and back of the motherboard tray.
  • This casing also has a tempered glass panel on one side.
  • Has an RGB strip connected to the glass panel along with two more in the front.
  • Both sides of the front panel are mesh-covered which allow steady airflow.
  • Support dual 120 or 140mm fans in front or a 280mm radiator.
  • Price:70$

Thermaltake Level 20VT

Thermaltake Level 20VT

This remarkable casing with a space-age vibe basically resembles a spacious glass cube. Within the 100$ price range, its amazing look is almost an impossible find. Not only attractive it is also pretty functional. Here are the features:

  • Has four tempered glass panels.
  • The panels can be moved around to suit your preference.
  • Has great airflow despite the glass.
  • Has ample space to pack with drives and cooling liquid.
  • Price:100$

InWin 101

InWin 101

This ultra-sleek casing is not just gorgeous to look at or comes at an affordable price, but also sports a very innovative design.  The features are:

  • Can accommodate a complete ATX build.
  • Has space to fit in the largest of graphics cards available in the market and has a GPU holder for additional support.
  • Its power supply chamber is in its roof which promotes improved airflow.
  • Comes with six case fans
  • Price:70$

NZXT H510 – Best Design

 NZXT H510

NZXT is known for its unique style and the clean bold lines of the H510’s design stand true to that. This mid-tower has everything you wish for in a high-end build. The features are as following:

  • Comes in various colors.
  • Has a pretty sophisticated cable management system
  • Has two 120mm fans and includes support for a complete water cooling unit
  • Features a three quarter glass panel
  • The front I/O panel has a USB-C
  • Price:70$

Cooler Master Silencio S400 – Best mATX Case For Silent Operation

Cooler Master Silencio S400

Usually when we think of a super-quiet PC casing for our system then a high price range is synonymous with it. Yet the Silencio fulfills more than your expectations in an absurdly low amount of money. The features are:

  • Has sound dampening material on the top, front and sides.
  • The front door is reversible allowing you to adjust it which way you prefer
  • The top is removable thus allowing increased ventilation
  • Installed with two 120mm silent fans
  • Price: 90$

Lian Li Lancool 2

Lian Li Lancool 2

The Lain Li is a premium design casing which comes under the 100$ price range and is certainly not to be taken lightly with its high quality available for this value. Its features include:

  • Has tempered glass on each side
  • Has RGB panels on the front
  • Has a fuss-free cable management
  • Has ample space for a complete ATX build even for the larger E-ATX size
  • Price:95$


Going through this list, our verdict is that in 2020 you do not need hundreds of dollars to build a great PC. The sub 100$ price range has plenty of remarkable choices for users of all sorts of preferences. Most importantly if you are able to save money on the cases then it will leave you with a bigger budget to spend on what goes inside which is ultimately what really matters. With the cases on this list, you have the added bonus to make your build look fabulous too at such a low cost.

If it comes to picking out two of the best options on this list then the Phanteks P400S and InWin 101 are both high-end products that have tastefully designed exteriors, a large amount of space inside for a decent build and a big scope for cable management system.

And lastly yet not the least the Phanteks P350X is also a good contender for your money. It has mostly the same features that more expensive of the cases have, along with having an E-ATX supporting the largest consumer motherboard. Its awesome cable management, RGB strips and the mind-blowing number of drive cages make it an excellent choice for a user of tight budget wishing to make an excellent PC build.

These are all the best PC cases that we can recommend under $100. If you are interested in similar content then you can check out our recommendations for the best custom AMD RX 5600 XT graphics cards.

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