Monster Hunter Rise is an open-world game. The primary focus of the game is hunting monsters and you can also craft them. To make the game more exciting, the modding community adds certain new mods to make the game more exciting. With the help of this guide, you will have an idea about the best Monster Hunter Rise Mods that are shared in detail here.

Best Monster Hunter Rise Mods 2022

There are some of the best Monster Hunter Rise Mods

  • Remove Monster Kill-Cam plus stylish SlowMo Finishers
  • Adjustable UI Scale Mod
  • REFramework
  • Sparks Removed Mod
  • Rondine now trade Golden Eggs and Armor Sphere
  • Monster Has HP Bar Mod
  • Monster Weakness Icon Indicator Mod

Remove Monster Kill-Cam plus stylish SlowMo Finishers

This MOD gets rid of the forced cam flyovers and drama shots and gives you the option of replacing them with a slo-mo finish cam. This MOD also saves time if you are not interested in the cut scenes from a few different views.

Adjustable UI Scale Mod in Monster Hunter Rise

This MOd gives you control over the positioning and alignment of various UI elements. This MOD is really helpful because by default you see ultrawide mode and everything seems to be very big. So it’s better to scale them to 60 percent to utilize every pixel on the screen.


Both the slo-mo mod and the UI mode have a dependency on a separate mode or a mod support tool is REFramework. It is a tool with a powerful scripting API using Lua. This MOD comes with fixes for DLLs/Reshade crashing, FreeCam, Timescale, FOV, VR and tools for script/mod developers.

Sparks Removed Mod

When playing multiplayer, the screen gets visually busy, and its very annoying to not be able to see the monster during the fight, especially for smaller size monsters. So this mod makes the sparks effect invisible while leaving the crit and negative crit colors like blood splashes. So there is still enough left to make combat impactful and sort of anime-like.

Rondine now trade Golden Eggs and Armor Sphere

This mod makes the raw meat that you buy from rondine using camera points and replaces it with golden eggs. These golden eggs can in turn resell to the merchant for big fat piles of spending money. This one is best for those who spend a lot of time discovering certain aspects of the game.

Monster Has HP Bar Mod

This mod allows you to see the health bar HP of the monster because during the fight it is very important how much damage you have done to the monster.

Monster Weakness Icon Indicator Mod

In Monster Hunt rise, each monster you fight has a weakness to certain elements. Install this mod, and an icon of that element will appear over the monster’s head that helps you in dealing more damage to the monster.

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