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Forspoken: 12 Powerful Magic Spells to Unlock First


Forspoken has been recently released to an average reception. The game had immense hype around its launch. Since the first trailer showcased Unreal Engine 5, expectations have been high. Now that it is out, most feel disappointed with the game.

However, most of the critique has been directed at the narrative of Forspoken. Dialogue and acting have also been under fire a lot, but one thing that stands above all this is the gameplay. It might not be the best or the most innovative gameplay, but Forspoken tries to bring enough to the table that it stands out. Most of the new mechanics and moves might feel incomplete. Still, they successfully bring exciting changes to this typical action RPG.

The use of Magic is an essential skill in Forspoken. Magic in Forspoken is divided into four types: Red, Blue, Green, and Purple. Each brings different visuals, moves, spells, and mechanics to the gameplay. This guide has our recommended list of Magic Spells that you should try to unlock first:

Purple Magic

  • Disperse: This might be the most useful spell in the game. Frey plants a flower in the ground, sprouting into a turret, and shoots enemies. It’s handy against aerial foes. Completing the Spellcraft Challenge enables you to upgrade this spell.
  • Tendril: This is an excellent spell for quick healing early on in the game. In the beginning, the number of spells at your disposal will be small. Tendril is a cheap spell that can be unlocked quickly. Frey pulls a magical vine and swings it at enemies. All enemies in a close radius get damaged, and Frey gets healed. The healing is directly proportional to the amount of damage done.
  • Implant: This is primarily useful against larger enemies in a 1 vs. 1 situation. Frey plants a seed into an enemy, which can deal poison damage for a short time. Best to use heavy strike after using the Implant spell for maximum damage.

Red Magic

  • Crucible: You can unlock this once Red Magic is unlocked. Frey casts a circle of fire around her in which enemies get damaged, and her attacks are empowered. It might limit the range of your attacks and force you to close the distance with your enemies, but the amount of damage you can unleash makes it worth the risk.
  • Firetrap: This one is relatively self-explanatory. Frey sets a trap … of fire. Surprise surprise. Jokes aside, this spell is going to be essential throughout the game. The trap springs out of the ground and can damage other enemies close by as well.
  • Blast Slice: One of the only ranged attacks in the Red Magic category. Frey brandishes a magical spear and throws it at an enemy. Once the spear is stuck in an enemy, it explodes after a few seconds. Early on, the damage done is relatively low. It might need an upgrade or two before it can actually be an impactful move.

Blue Magic

  • Oubliette: Frey summons a ball of water that can trap one or more foes. Attacking the ball then makes it explode, damaging the trapped enemies and enemies close by. The damage done is immense, which makes it worthwhile when facing several enemies.
  • Up and Away: Frey launches into the air using a jet of water, evading all enemies and attacks nearby. It might sound like a parkour move. However, you will have no control over where you land, so this is only useful when cornered in a fight.
  • Naedre: Frey sets a watery snake loose towards enemies, which can move around and do some damage along with poison damage. It is good when facing a lot of enemies or against more formidable opponents. Completing the Spellcraft challenge makes the poison effect last longer.

Green Magic

  • Distortion: Perfect for deployment against numerous enemies as it makes enemies attack each other instead of Frey. It gives Frey enough time to recover and charge up for the next attack.
  • Sublimation: This spell takes the place of Tendril and does the same job of healing Frey by sucking out life force from enemies nearby.
  • Projection: Frey launches a lightning spear which causes explosive damage on contact. This one might need an upgrade before it becomes impactful.

These are the recommended Magic Spells that you should consider unlocking first in Forspoken. Some more guides that you will find helpful:

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