Journey to the Savage Planet is out and it is one a great start for a great year for gaming.  January was dry in terms of solid video game release but Journey to the Savage Planet ends the month on a high note. In our Journey to the Savage Planet tips and tricks guide we will share a handful of details with you that’ll help during your time on the Savage Planet.

Overall, this is a pretty straightforward game but some tips and tricks of the trade will enhance your understanding of the game and improve the experience.

Journey to the Savage Planet Tips

There are some basic elements of the game that you should keep in mind before exploring the savage planet. One of the elements is your HUD Compas. We will begin our tips and tricks for beginner’s guide by discussing this very aspect of the game.

Understand the Compass Markers

When playing Journey to the Savage Planet you will notice a compass at the top of the screen. It is a HUD element that makes life easier for you in the game. There are a few compass markers that you should understand.

  1. Gift Box – One of the gameplay elements is collecting resources but often you will end up dead while doing so. If you die your loot will drop on that exact spot. Since the map is big you may find it hard to backtrack to that location. However, the Gift Box makes it easier. The box will lead you to the location of your dropped resources.
  2. Orange Kite – Way to your ship
  3. Purple Kite – The icon represents any secondary missions you may have.
  4. Yellow Kite – Waypoint for your active mission

Don’t Be Afraid To Explore

This is a game about exploration and while the journey is scary, it is a bad idea to hold back on the exploration. Only walking in a straight line to complete the story isn’t going to be worth it. The game is pretty easy to complete as it tells you what to do and where to go. However, what it doesn’t do is push you to explore the map. In every area, there are many secrets, resources, and upgrade materials laying around. It is important that you find these resources and the only way to do to explore.

Whenever you see an out of the way ledge, grapple point, or a location that’s accessible to you, jump right it and see what it offers. You will find useful resources that will help you upgrade faster and be a stronger character in the game.

Grass Has Orange Goo

There is a weird Orange Goo in Journey to the Savage Planet.  It is disgusting but you have to consume it. See, this Orange Goo is what helps you recover your lost HP and even allow you to run faster, giving you extra stamina. The goo isn’t hard to find if you know where exactly to look for. What you need to do is look for tall patches of grass and shoo it to uncover the Orange Goo.

Dodge Everything

An interesting tip for Journey to the Savage is that you can dodge pretty much every attack.  While the game isn’t very combat-heavy you will run into may savage animals. The best trick to deal with animals is to dodge there their attacks. Dodge should be practiced early on in the game so as you progress you get better at it.

Use Throwables

You do have a weapon in Journey to the Savage Planet but there are also throwables that are equally as important. For example, Binding Bile is really great against enemies, especially bosses because it can bind them in place which gives you plenty of time to attack. You can also use Bombegrantes and Blight Bombs to deal damage.

Do Science Experiment Missions

When you start playing the game the early part is the tutorial and in that section, you will get some free upgrades for your pistol and suit. However, after that, you will have to take care of weapons and suit upgrades yourself.

You can upgrade your pistol for extra ammo or get an extra jet pack boosts, new throwables, and more. The best way to upgrade your pistol and suit is to complete Science Experiment Missions. These are side missions that help you unlock various upgrades for your gear.

Use Your Dead Body For Resources

Death in Journey to the Savage Planet works differently. Every time you end up dead in a ditch somewhere you Ship’s AI will print a new copy of you. If you go back to the location of your death you will find your dead body. Interestingly, you can bury your dead body to earn extra resources from it.

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