With the release of Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion, we can now mess around with the new Strand subclass, which has interesting mechanics such as threadlings and suspend. In this Destiny 2 guide, we go over the best infinite suspend Strand Warlock build.

Destiny 2 Infinite Suspend Strand Warlock Build

GrenadeShackle Grenade
AspectsMindspun Invocation
Weaver’s Call
FragmentsThread of Continuity
Thread of Warding
Thread of Generation
Thread of Mind
Exotic WeaponOsteo Striga (Catalyst)
Exotic GearNecrotic Grip (Gauntlets)
Artifact ModsAll Strand and Void mods
Armor ModsStrand Siphon (Helmet)
Heavy Ammo Finder (Helmet)
Heavy Handed (Arms)
Impact Induction x2 (Arms)
Charged Up (Chest)
Resistance Mods (Chest)
Kinetic Weapon Surge x2 (Legs)
Stacks On Stacks (Legs)
Bomber x2 (Bond)

Exotic Weapon: Osteo Striga

The Osteo Striga fires a stream of sentient projectiles that deal poison damage and create a poisonous aura when defeating enemies or dealing critical hits. The poison damage also increases over time. It can also refill ammo after you kill an enemy.

Exotic Gear: Necrotic Grip (Gauntlets)

The Necrotic Grip exotic gauntlets synergize very well with Osteo Striga and enhance the poison effect, chaining it to nearby enemies and killing them until no enemy is left.

Grenade: Shackle Grenade

You will need the Shackel Grenade for this build for the Mindspun Innovation aspect.


Mindspun Innovation

Enhances the functionality of all grenades. The Shackle Grenade we are using for this build can be consumed to activate Weavers Trance. Final blows with this buff active create a suspending detonation.

Weavers Call

Casting your first creates three Threadlings and deploys any threadlings that you have perched. You can replace this aspect with a better one once it is released.


For the fragments, you want anything that can boost suspending targets and suspend debuff. The following are the ones that we can recommend:

Thread of Continuity

Increases duration of suspend, unravel and sever. Adds +10 strength.

Thread of Generation

Generates grenade energy when you deal damage. -10 Discipline.

Thread of Mind

Gain class ability energy when you defeat suspended targets.

Thread of Warding

Picking up an orb of power grants Woven mail. -10 Resilience. You can pick any other aspect that you like for the last fragment.


For the stats, you will need to prioritize Resilience, Recovery, and Discipline. Consuming your grenade is very important for this build, so you will want to max out the Discipline. Higher recovery means quicker healing rifts for survivability. Reslience is going to give you more survivability as well, allowing you to take more damage before you die.

Artifact Mods

Regarding artifact mods, we recommend picking up the Strand and Void ones and leaving the rest. You can check out the ones that we recommend in the image below:

Gear Mods

For mods, use anything that can get you additional grenade energy. We also recommend using Kinetic Weapon Surge mods to boost the damage of Osteo Striga. 


Strand Siphon 

Rapid Strand weapon final blows create orbs of power.

Heavy Ammo Finder (optional)

You can change this mod if you are not using machine guns.


Impact Induction x2

Causing damage with a melee attack reduces your grenade cooldown.

Heavy Handed

Powerful melee final blows create orbs of power. This is for the rare melee kills but you can swap this mod for something better if you prefer. 


Charged Up

Increases the maximum number of stacks of Armor Charge by 1.

Resistance Mods

To increase resistance against incoming elemental attacks.


Kinetic Weapon Surge x2

Collecting an orb of power causes you to gain 1 temporary Armor Charge.

Stacks On Stacks

Picking up an Orb of Power grants 1 additional stack of Armor Charge.


Time Dilation

Increases duration of Armor Charge

Bomber x2

Reduces grenade cooldown when using your class ability.

This is the best infinite suspend Strand Warlock build that we can recommend in Destiny 2. If you are interested in learning more, then you can check out our build guides for Hunter and Titan.

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