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Best Garuda Eikonic Abilities in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 introduces players to a world of fantastical creatures and powerful Eikons. As players progress through the game, they have the opportunity to unlock and harness the abilities of various Eikons, including Garuda. Garuda’s Eikonic Abilities offer unique advantages and can greatly enhance the gameplay experience. In this article, we will delve into the best Garuda Eikonic Abilities in Final Fantasy 16, providing players with valuable insights to aid their decision-making process.

At the start of Final Fantasy 16, Clive possesses the ability to draw power from the Phoenix Eikon. However, as the story unfolds, Clive’s powers expand, and he becomes capable using multiple Eikons, including Garuda, the Eikon of Wind. Unlike Phoenix’s abilities, Garuda’s Eikonic Abilities are not focused on dealing heavy damage.

Instead, each ability serves a specific purpose, enabling Clive to perform unique combos and overcome challenging situations. It is important for players to understand and strategically use Garuda’s abilities to maximize their effectiveness.

Wicked Wheel

Learning Cost: 525

Of the three Eikonic Abilities granted by Garuda, Wicked Wheel is considered the most niche but successfully makes it to our best Garuda Eikonic abilities list. This ability allows Clive to utilize Garuda’s claws to spin and drag enemies into the air, setting them up for powerful aerial combos. You can string together aerial attacks to deal plenty of damage.

Best Garuda Eikonic Abilities in Final Fantasy 16 Wicked Wheel.

However, it is less effective against heavy enemies or bosses that cannot be lifted off the ground. In some instances, Wicked Wheel may even cause Clive to miss the target entirely. Despite its limitations, this ability can be a valuable asset in the right situations.

Rook’s Gambit

Learning Cost: 660

Rook’s Gambit, on the other hand, provides a new defensive option. In Final Fantasy XVI, dodging plays a crucial role in evading enemy attacks. Rook’s Gambit takes Clive’s defensive capabilities to the next level. When activated, Clive hops back, successfully avoiding any incoming attacks. If the dodge successfully avoids an attack, Clive counters with a swift two-hit combo.

Best Garuda Eikonic Abilities in Final Fantasy 16 Rook's Gambit.

Upgraded versions of this ability even allow Clive to unleash a deadly spin attack. Even when the dodge does not avoid an attack, Clive still delivers a single hit, or two hits if the ability is upgraded. Master the timing of this ability to make it Garuda’s most effective Eikonic Ability.


Learning Cost: 575

Garuda’s third Eikonic Ability in FF16, Gouge, grants Clive the power to unleash a rapid series of consecutive attacks with Garuda’s claws. While each individual hit may not be particularly powerful, the rapid succession of strikes can overwhelm enemies, especially when the ability is upgraded. Players can continue to press the attack button to extend the combo even further.

Best Garuda Eikonic Abilities in Final Fantasy 16 Gouge.

Gouge is particularly effective against enemies with a broken will, as each hit increases the damage multiplier against staggered foes. An optimal strategy is to initiate Gouge as soon as an enemy is staggered, and then follow up with a heavy damage option such as Phoenix or Titan.

Choosing the Best Abilities

In Final Fantasy 16, you can equip two out of the three available Eikonic Abilities at any given time. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the abilities that best complement your preferred playstyle and current objectives. Each of Garuda’s abilities has its own strengths and weaknesses, catering to different scenarios. By understanding the intricacies of each ability, players can make informed decisions and maximize their effectiveness in battle.

Garuda’s Eikonic Abilities in Final Fantasy 16 add a new layer of depth and strategy to the gameplay experience. Wicked Wheel, Rook’s Gambit, and Gouge each offer unique advantages, allowing you to execute powerful combos and overcome various challenges. The choice of which abilities to equip ultimately comes down to personal preference and playstyle.

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