When it comes to gaming, the graphics card does the heavy lifting, but you need space on your desk for your peripherals and monitors. A good gaming desk will provide you with better ergonomics and space for your gaming needs. Here are some of the best gaming desks that we recommend in 2023.

Best Gaming Desks (2023)

The following are some of the best gaming desks that we recommend in 2023:

  • Secretlab Magnus
  • Arozzi Arena
  • Respawn RSP-1063

Secretlab Magnus

Type: Standard | Desktop sizes: 59” | Max weight: 220 lb | Height: 29”

Secretlab Magnus has a stealthy black design. At first glance, it is not going to turn heads. So you could use this as a workstation desk if you wanted to, but you can also use it as a gaming desk with RGB lighting.

Most of the desk is made of metal and comes with magnets that you can use for accessories. You can also get a magnetized table mat that perfectly covers the top of the table. The table mat has different designs and themes, including the Cloud9, Theme Liquid, Attack on Titan, Valorant, and Cyberpunk 2077 themes. You can also customize the sticking of the desk pad with that of your gaming chair.

The desk has magnetic cable anchors that you can use for cable management if you use multiple cables for peripherals or charging devices. Since most of the table is made of metal, you can attach these cable anchors anywhere.

The table even has a shelf for hiding cables and chargers. It is hidden away, so all the clutter is out of sight. The table also has magnetic cable sheaths for the legs that can route cables. All things considered, this is one of the best gaming desks that you can buy right now.


  • Outstanding build quality
  • Excellent cable management
  • Modular accessories


  • Expensive
  • Gets even more expensive with accessories

Arozzi Arena

Type: Height adjustable | Desktop sizes: 63” | Max weight: 175 lb | Height: 28-32”

The Arozzi Arena is a curved gaming desk with a custom mat to cover the top. The desk mat is water-resistant and well-made. The height of the table can be adjusted by 4 inches with a screw mechanism. It is available in different colors and comes with a matching desk mat.

The table has three cutouts and matching cutouts in the desk mat for cable management. The cutouts lead to a cable management net that hides cables and keeps them out of sight. This is a pretty large desk, and you can have three monitors on top of it. The desk is heavy but easy to assemble. The table top is divided into three parts, which makes it easier to take apart and transport.


  • Outstanding build quality
  • Generous size
  • Comes with large, useful pad


  • Mesh-based cable management is hit or miss

Respawn RSP-1063

Type: Standard | Desktop sizes: 63” | Max weight: 200 lb | Height: 28.54”

The Respawn RSP-1063 is another curved table with a desk mat covering the top. The top is divided into three segments, so taking it apart is easy, and you can even take out the middle segment for a smaller desk setup if you do not have enough room.

In terms of design, it is pretty simple but functional. The desk is large enough to fit multiple peripherals and monitors. The downsides are the lack of a cable management solution and that the height of the table cannot be adjusted.


Straightforward setup

Simple design


  • Lacks any kind of cable management

These are some of the best gaming desks that we can recommend in 2023. You can also check out our recommended 4K gaming laptops.

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