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Best Fish Forever Recipe In Disney Dreamlight Valley


Best Fish Forever is a four-star entrée is not only a delightful addition to your culinary repertoire but also plays a crucial role in progressing through Disney Dreamlight Valley’s storyline, particularly in winning the trust of EVE and getting the Royal Hourglass tool​​.

Before you can make the Best Fish Forever recipe, it’s necessary to progress through the game’s storyline in the A Rift in Time DLC. You’ll need to start ‘The Flying Metal Nuisance’ main story quest and complete the ‘Give Me A Sign‘ quest to open Goofy’s Stall, which is essential for getting Celery​​​​.

How To Make Best Fish Forever Recipe In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To prepare the Best Fish Forever dish, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • x1 Robot Fish.
  • x1 Cumin.
  • x1 Celery.
  • x1 Sea Snail.

Additionally, remember to have at least one coal in your inventory to cook the dish at any cooking station​​.

disney dreamlight valley best fish forever ingredients cooking station.

Where To Find All Best Fish Forever Recipe Ingredients

  1. Robot Fish: This can be fished at The Docks or The Overlook in Ancient’s Landing, with gold ripples indicating a higher chance of catching one​​.
  2. Cumin: This spice is foraged from white flowers found in various areas around Ancient’s Landing, including The Docks, The Courtyard, The Overlook, and The Ruins​​.
  3. Celery: Available through Goofy’s Stall at The Docks, you can either buy Celery directly or grow it from seeds given by Goofy. It takes about ten real-world minutes to grow once watered​​.
  4. Sea Snail: Use your fishing rod at The Docks or The Overlook to catch a Sea Snail, especially in the river between these locations​​.

Once prepared, the Best Fish Forever meal adds to the Eternity Isle Meals Collection and offers significant in-game benefits. It sells for 1,400 Star Coins or more and provides over 4,420 energy, making it a valuable item for players both economically and for in-game stamina​​​​.

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