Your Baton and Pistol will help you in the early parts of the game but getting your hands on better weapons is going to be very important in Callisto Protocol. That is why we recommend getting the Skunk Gun as soon as you can. This is basically a shotgun that will allow you to fight back. In this Callisto Protocol guide, we go over how you can get the best early-game weapon, the Skunk Gun.

How To Get The Skunk Gun (Best Early-Game Weapon) In Callisto Protocol

Most of the weapons that you can get in Callisto Protocol are found on the main path but the Skunk Gun is in a specific room and it is pretty easy to miss. You can find it in the chapter called Aftermath. During this chapter, you will need to find your way out of the basement.

In the Basement D3 area, the first floor that you find will need a fuse. Progress forward to Basement D4, where you will a group of enemies in a room that is well-lit. Defeat the enemies and get the fuse off the floor. With the fuse in hand, you can head back to Basement D3, to the door that you found. Now use the fuse. There are no enemies inside so you do not need to worry about getting ambushed.

Head inside the vent and you will find the weapon schematic for the Skunk Gun in the next room. You do need to go through the trouble of backtracking in order to get the weapon but it is going to be worth it. Especially in the early parts of the game. It is also worth mentioning that you do get another shotgun in Callisto Protocol but it is not as good as the Skunk Gun.

This is how you can get the Skunk Gun, which is the best weapon that you can get early on in Callisto Protocol. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on which upgrades you should get first. For more content, check out our Callisto Protocol guides hub.

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