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Best Early Game Armour Sets in God of War Ragnarok


To progress through God of War Ragnarok, you must take on enemies individually and equip yourself with the best armor sets for each level. Early on, having a good armor set will make a big difference in the game, especially against Berserker bosses if you choose to go after them.

Best Early Game Armour Sets

Following are some of the best early-game armor sets in God of War Ragnarok:

  • Nidavellir Armor
  • Lunda Armor

Nidavellir Armor

The Nidavellir armor set is one of the best early-game sets in God of War Ragnarok. Its defining feature is a healing buff that lets you regain health while stunning enemies. However, to get the set, you need to participate in the “Service of Asgard” Favor by destroying all rigs. This will net you some “Nidavellir Ore,” Take this ore to Huldra Brothers, and you’ll craft the set yourself.

Lunda Armor

The Lunda Armor set is one of the best early-game sets in God of War Ragnarok. Its defining feature is a poison buff that gives enemies massive depletion in health. To get the armor set, head towards Vaneheim and take down the “Nidhogg” boss to start the crafting process, during which you will obtain the missing Lunda armor pieces.

Piece #1 (Broken Belt)

Inside the Garden chest in Noatun, you will find the Lunda Broken Belt. Now head towards the chamber door and use the Chisel to open it and get the chest.

Piece #2 (Broken Bracers)

Make your way to the Cliffside Ruins and look for a chest. Inside, you will find Lunda’s Broken Bracers. The exact location is at the top of the ruins, which you can reach through extended rocks.

Piece #3 (Broken Cuirass)

Head towards the Veiled Passage in Vanaheim and look for a chest. The chest is at the ending point of the cave; inside it, you will find Lunda’s Broken Cuirass.

Note: Once you find all the missing pieces, go back to River Delta and give them to Lunda so she can start crafting the Lunda Armor set.

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