Bungie has made a lot of changes with the new Lightfall expansion and the new Strand subclass is really fun too. In order to make the most of the new Darkness subclass you will need the right build. In this Destiny 2 guide, we go over the best Strand build for Titan.

Destiny 2 Strand Titan Build

BarricadeRally Barricade
MeleeFrenzied Blade
GrenadeShackle Grenade
AspectsInto The Fray
Dreng’s Lash
FragmentsThread Of Mind
Thread Of Warding
Thread Of Fury
Main WeaponIkelos SMG
Exotic GearAbeyant Leap (Leg Amor)
Artifact ModsAuthorized Mods: Grenades
Shattered Orbs
Armor ModsArc Siphon(Helmet)
Focusing Strike x2(Arms)
Bolstering Detonation(Arms)
Charged Up (Chest)
Void Resistance (Chest)
Stacks On Stacks (Legs)
Orbs Of Restoration (Legs)
Insulation (Legs)
Utility Kickstart x3 (Mark)

Barricade: Rally Barricade

We recommend going with Rally Barricade but you can also use the Towering Barricade. 

Melee: Frenzied Blade

Frenzied Blade will sever enemies, cutting off their connection to the world around them and reducing their damage significantly. Severed targets unwind into a tangle when defeated. 

Grenade: Shackle Grenade

All the grenades are great but the Shackle Grenade creates another source of suspended targets. This gives you a backup if you mess things up with your class ability or simply want more suspended enemies. This will also stop Unstoppable Champions. 


Into The Fray

Destroying a Tangle or casting your Super grants Woven Mail. Woven Mail will give you protection. You will also get increased recharge for your melee ability while the buff is active. 

Drengr’s Lash

Suspend enemies by activating your class ability (barricade).


Thread Of Mind

Defeating suspended targets grants class ability energy.

Thread of Fury

Damaging targets with a Tangle grants melee energy. (-10 Strength)

Thread of Warding

Picking up Orb of Power grants Woven Mail. Woven Mail encases your body with a protective mesh of tightly woven Strand matter which greatly reduces incoming non-precision damage. (-10 Strength)

Exotic Gear: Abeyant Leap (Leg Amor)

This will improve Drengr’s Lash and grant Woven Mail when targets are suspended. With this exotic leg piece, Drengr’s Lash will spawn two more projectiles and track targets more aggressively while traveling further.

Artifact Mods

Authorized Mods: Grenades

Armor energy costs of all armor mods affecting grenades are significantly discounted.

Shattered Orbs

The first time you break a combatant’s shield, you create an Orb of Power if you break the shield with the matching damage type. 


When you or a member of your fireteam stuns or defeats a Champion you ain energy for your least-charged Strand ability.

Gear Mods


Arc Siphon

Rapid Arc weapon final blows create an orb of power. You can change this mod depending on the weapon that you are using. We recommend using the Arc Siphon if you use the Ikelos SMG. 


Focusing Strike x2

Grants class ability energy when you cause damage with a melee attack. Stack two of these for better effect.

Bolstering Detonation

Grants class ability energy when you cause damage with your grenade.


Charged Up

Increases the maximum number of stacks or Armor Charge you can carry by 1. 

Void Resistance

Reduces incoming Void damage from combatants. 


Stacks On Stacks

Picking up an Orb of Power grants 1 additional stack of Armor Charge. 

Orbs Of Restoration

Picking up an orb of power grants small amount of energy in your ability with the least energy.


Reduces class ability cooldown each time you pick up an Orb of Power.


Utility Kickstart x3

Collecting an Orb of Power causes you to gain 1 temporary Armor Charge. We recommend getting three of these on the Titan Mark. 

This is the best Strand build that we recommend for Titan in Destiny 2. We will update this guide as more weapons and aspects are made available. You can also check out our Strand Warlock build.

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