With the revolution in cryptocurrency, it is predicted by most analysts that the first actual use of blockchain will be in gaming blockchain. Crypto gaming combines two rapidly growing fields which are crypto and video games. There are plenty of games that use cryptocurrencies for purchasing new characters, armor, weapons, etc. In this guide, we will share information on the Best Crypto gaming Coins that you can use and invest in 2022.


Best Crypto Gaming Coins

In Crypto gaming, you can also earn something by finishing the given task. In 2021, crypto gaming generated $2.32 billion in sales. Although it’s a new industry and far to go. Here is the list of best Crypto based games that you can invest in 2022

  • Decentraland
  • The Sandbox
  • Axie Infinity
  • Enjin Coin
  • Yield Guild Games

Future Projects in Crypto Gaming Coins

  • My Neighbour Alice
  • Illuvium


It is a crypto-based game in which you can buy the land the game using cryptocurrency MANA. That land is further utilized in art and other activities. As its name indicate that it is a decentralized metaverse in which the user has full control, which means you built it, own it, and also rule it. This freedom makes it unique from other crypto-based games.

It’s one of the first ones to have a fully operating virtual world with a market capitalization of $2.04 billion.

The Sandbox

It’s almost like Decetraland, where you create three dimension games. A plus point is, that you don’t need a high-level understanding of coding to create games. On the contrary, you use visual tools to create 3D games. It’s like a real estate business. A total of 166,464 land plots are available so far.

It uses the crypto SAND for purchasing the LAND plots and to do other activities. The Sandbox market capitalization is $1.58 billion.

Axie Infinity

In this game, Axie Infinity, you purchase, trade, and fight creatures named Axies using crypto AXS. These axies are NFTs that you need to buy to start playing the game. For the first go, it is mandatory to buy three NFTs to start the game.

This crypto game is very popular because you can earn thousand by investing hundreds. And investing means buying different characters and fighting against axies to win rewards in form of crypto. In the early stages in 2021, its worth was $0.54, which later increases to $150.

Although this game lost a bit of its net worth in 2022, it is again gaining momentum.

Enjin Coin

It’s a crypto gaming software where you can store digital coins from certain games that use cryptocurrencies. Enjin Coin’s Market Capitalization is $615 million. As it can be connected to different blockchain games so it’s not restricted to only one game. Its coins are built in such a way that they can work with different games.

This software gives you a developer kit that enables you to generate digital wallets like in-game currencies or important items for the crypto base game.

This Coin started its journey in 2021 with $0.13 worth of $2.58 by the end of the year with a profit of almost 1800% in a year. These figures tell the story that Enjin Coin has a promising future in Crypto Gaming 2022.

Yield Guild Games

Yield Guild games is a manifesto in which you can buy and rent NFTs. As most of the blockchain games emphasize is on NFTs that including AXie Infinity and The Sandbox.

If you are playing Axie infinity, you can rent your Axie through Yield Guild Games. By renting the NFT, the player will share the profit with you that he earns from the game using your NFT. Yield Build Game is not a very old project. It was launched in July 2021. But due to its rapid growth since then, that is almost 550% in its initial phase. As NFTs are a vital part of the blockchain and this platform promotes NFTs clearly, it’s a promising gaming coin in 2022.

Future Projects you Should Look Forward To in Crypto Gaming Coins 2022

There are two future projects that you should consider for investment

  • My Neighbour Alice

This one is like The Sandbox, where you can buy land and generate your own farms. Its market capitalization is about $92 million. In this game, players have the option to buy from six islands, Farm the land, and buy animals. The in-game currency is ALICE, which you can earn by completing tasks. You can also stake the crypto and earn rewards in return.

Although this crypto game is riskier for investors because of its decline after its release. But once it takes off, this will go far.

  • Illuvium

It’s a game that combines Final Fantasy and Pokémon and involves role-playing. As Hunter, you control your character and hunt creatures illuvium, that are NFTs. NFT wallet rises if one illuvium is caught. This game is like Axie Infinity but with major differences like its a three dimension open world with a storyline. The storyline makes it rare and players can relate it to other games as well.

Illuvium is expected to launch later this year in 2022. After its launch, its market cap was up but as the market was down, the effect was on iluvium as well. But a game that isn’t out yet is still costly, which indicates that it will be worth investing in.

This is all you need to know about Best Crypto Gaming Coins in 2022. Need to know more, visit How to Earn Passive Income From Cloud Mining: Complete Cloud Mining GuideBest Cloud Mining Sites 2022.