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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Companions in Combat


Knowing what the best companions are in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty can make a big difference in combat. Assisting you in combat against Enemies and Bosses is a primary function of companions (also known as Reinforcements) in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Each of these characters has unique stats, weapons, armor sets, and even Phase alignment and Warrior Effect. There are 17 Reinforcements available for the player to unlock throughout the game. However, it’s worth noting that not all of them can be called upon in every Mission.

In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about companions and which one of them is the best in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Companions (Reinforcements)

Before we get into the best Companions let’s quickly go over their skills and abilities. The more we know about a companion the better our decision can be on whether or not they are a worthy reinforcement.

Reinforcement AlliesFirst EffectSecond Effect (Oath Level 5)
Cao Cao+4.0% damage to enemies with negative effectsDetection of marking flags
Cheng PuRemoving negative effects after a fatal strikeDamage from melee attacks restores HP
Guan Yu Damage received -2.4%Restore HP after deflecting a critical blow +36
Han DangDamage received from ranged attacks -2.9%Martial Arts Damage Reduction
Zhang FeiDamage from martial arts is up 3.6%Damage received while attacking -2.9%
Xun YuHP restored by 2.4%Obtention of Genuine Qi +9.6%
Xiahou Yuan+4.2% Ranged Attack DamageRanged Attack Ammo Retrieval 7.2%
Sun QuanRanged attacks deal more damage to enemies+1 Ammo Replenishment Upon Fatal Strike
Sun JianDamage from Spirit Attacks is up 3.6%+18 Spirit Sustainability
Hong JingWizardry Spell Spirit Consumption -2.6%Wizardry Spell Damage +4.0%
Huang GaiHP recovery upon Fatal Strike +24Fatal Strike Damage +4.6%
Liu BeiHP +18Alliance Spirit Defense +24
Sun CeSpirit Gain from Normal Attacks +3.5%Spirit Damage Received while Attacking -3.5%
Xiahou Dun7.2% Status Effects Resistance2.2% drop in spirit consumption
Guo JiaAccumulation of enemy status effects +7.2%Duration of negative effects on enemies +3.6%
Zhang LiaoGain power after a fatal strike.Spirit consumption for the Marian Arts -2.6
Zhao YunGain from deflecting +4.0%Gain of 6.0% in morale rank points
best companions in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty


Learn how to summon companions in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Cao Cao

The first name on our best companions list is Cao Cao. This companion is unlocked early and can help you get through many challenging combat situations thanks to its damage against enemies with negative status. Moreover, they can help you detect Marking Flags which is the primary way to level up Fortitude in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Xiahou Yuan

Archers are a pain in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty and some bosses will shred you to bits if you get too close. Xiahou Yuan is a companion/reinforcement who offers an impressive 4.2% increase in ranged damage. Leveling Xiahou Yuan to Outh level 5 has a secondary effect that increases ranged attack ammo retrieval to 7.2%.

Hong Jing

Wizardy Spells are extremely powerful in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty but they consume a lot of spirits. By having Hong Jing by your side, you can reduce your spell’s spirit consumption by -2.6%. On top of that, spell damage is increased by +4%.

Wizardly Spells are elemental; Earth, Fire, Water, and Metal.

Han Dang

Archers and enemies with ranged attacks are a problem as I mentioned above. But having Han Dang as a companion will reduce incoming ranged attack damage by 2.9%. If you stick with Han Dang and level him up, you will also get reduced damage from Martial Arts.

Sun Ce

Sun is my personal favorite because I use Normal Attacks most of the time and Ce gives a 3.5% damage increase to normal attacks. And while you’re attacking, you will get 3.5% less Spriti Damage. But that is after you level up Sun Ce’s Oath to 5.

Xiahou Dun

The last reinforcement on our best companions list for Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is Xiahou Dun. Having Dun on your side means you get a 7.25 resistance to status effects and as a secondary ability (Oath level 5) you receive 3.5% less Spirit Damage while attacking. This is really useful against enemies, especially bosses, that use status effects and Spirrit Damage.

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