In the high-octane world of Battlefield 2042, your choice of weaponry is not just a matter of preference, but survival. As bullets whizz by and explosions shake the ground, the assault rifle in your hands can be the thin line between your triumph and downfall.


As we venture into the year 2023-24, the battlefield has evolved, and so has the arsenal at your disposal. This comprehensive guide is dedicated to best assault rifles in Battlefield 2042.

M5A3 Assault Rifle: The Jack of All Trades

The M5A3 stands out due to its exceptional balance in all performance aspects. It’s reliable in various combat situations, making it a preferred choice for many players.

  • Strengths: Offers good firepower, accuracy, range, and handling. It’s versatile enough to handle close-quarter battles and mid-range engagements effectively.
  • Attachments: The rifle supports different attachments, including scopes for long distances and high-power ammo types, enhancing its adaptability on the battlefield.
  • Player Level: Available from the start, making it a solid choice throughout the game.

AK-27: Power Meets Tradition

Known for its power, the AK-27 can be a bit harder to handle and slightly less accurate compared to its counterparts. However, it compensates with a longer range.

  • Strengths: Best suited for players who prefer a traditional, longer-range assault rifle. It’s more challenging to use but rewarding when mastered.
  • Player Level: Unlocked at higher levels; requires more experience to handle effectively.

SFAR-M GL: Bring on the Boom

Unique for its built-in grenade launcher, the SFAR-M GL is a powerhouse on the battlefield. While it has a limited base magazine, its destructive potential is unmatched.

  • Strengths: Ideal for dealing with vehicles or groups of enemies, especially with its high-power drum magazine unlocked after a certain number of kills.
  • Player Level: Unlocked mid-game, offering a new dynamic to combat strategies.

AC-42: Rapid Precision

The AC-42 is known for its superior rate of fire and accuracy, making it lethal at medium distances. Its burst fire mode requires skill but offers rewarding gameplay.

  • Strengths: Its precision makes it a favorite for marksmen. However, the lack of a full auto mode may be a drawback for some players.
  • Player Level: The last assault rifle unlocked in the game, demanding a high skill level to be used effectively.

AM40: Close-Quarters Dominance

Designed for close-quarter combat, the AM40, also known as the “room sweeper,” has a fast rate of fire and excellent handling, though it lacks in raw firepower.

  • Strengths: Its control and rate of fire make it perfect for clearing rooms and rushing objectives. The drum magazine, unlocked after a number of kills, adds to its appeal.
  • Player Level: Unlocked relatively early in the game, it’s a popular choice for aggressive gameplay styles.

What’s The Current AR Meta?

The current AR meta is SFAR which is one of the best Assault Rifles in Battlefield 2042 right now. There is no reason to choose any other weapon of the SFAR. Here’s the best SFAR build:

 AttachmentBest SetupBest Short-Range SetupBest Long-Range Setup
SightMaul HybridK8 HoloM22 3.5X
AmmunitionHigh-Power / DrumStandard IssueHigh-Power / Drum
UnderbarrelFactory MountsFactory MountsFactory Mounts
BarrelTactical CompensatorWrapped SuppressorExtended Barrel

How To Choose An Assault Rifle

The choice of an assault rifle in “Battlefield 2042” largely depends on your playstyle. Whether you’re more comfortable with balanced combat, long-range engagements, or the sheer power of explosives, there’s a rifle suited for you. Remember, the effectiveness of these weapons can also depend on the specific map, the team’s strategy, and the opponents you’re facing. Experiment with different rifles and attachments to find the combination that resonates with your approach to the battlefield.

But if you’re just starting out, the M5A3 AR you get is the perfect starter weapon. In fact, you can keep using it until you unlock other ARs.

It’s important to note that game dynamics and weapon effectiveness can change with updates, patches, or new content releases. Keeping an eye on community discussions and official announcements will help you stay ahead of the curve and adapt to any shifts in the weapon meta.