Unleash the fury of the Barbarian in Diablo 4 Beta with our top picks for the best Barbarian skills. In this guide, we’ll show you how to crush your enemies and dominate the battlefield with a powerful Barbarian build. Get ready to explore the best Diablo 4 Barbarian skills and start wreaking havoc on the forces of darkness. Don’t just survive, thrive as a Barbarian in Diablo 4 Beta with our essential guide. Gear up and let’s dive into the action.

Beta Best Barbarian Skills

  • Lunging Strike
  • Bash
  • Frenzy
  • Whirlwind
  • Hammer of the Ancients
  • Double Swing
  • Ground Stomp
  • Iron Skin
  • War Cry
  • Deathblow

Lunging Strike

Lunging Strike is a powerful skill that allows your Barbarian to lunge forward and strike a target with force. This skill has three distinct enhancements to choose from, each providing unique benefits:

Enhanced: This enhancement increases the damage dealt by Lunging Strike and provides self-healing when hitting a healthy enemy (with 80% HP or more). This makes it perfect for initiating fights and maintaining your Barbarian’s health.

Battle: The Battle enhancement inflicts additional bleeding damage, making it ideal for dealing sustained damage over time to your foes.

Combat: When selecting the Combat enhancement, critical hits from Lunging Strike will trigger a berserking state, granting a 25% increase in damage and a 15% boost in movement speed for five seconds. This enhancement is excellent for Barbarians seeking to maximize their damage output and mobility.


Bash is a versatile Barbarian skill that allows you to strike a target with your weapon, with the fourth consecutive Bash stunning the enemy. The stun duration increases when using a two-handed weapon. Bash offers three enhancement options, each catering to different playstyles:

Enhanced: Damaging a stunned enemy while using the Enhanced Bash grants a percentage of your base life as fortify, reducing the damage you take by 10%. This enhancement is perfect for Barbarians looking to improve their survivability.

Battle: The Battle enhancement of Bash generates extra fury, allowing your Barbarian to unleash even more devastating attacks in quick succession.

Combat: When using a two-handed weapon, critical strikes with Bash grant the next Core or Weapon Mastery skill the ability to proc Overpower, dealing bonus damage based on your current life and fortified life. This enhancement is ideal for Barbarians who wish to maximize their damage output, particularly when wielding a two-handed weapon.


Frenzy is a powerful Barbarian skill that enables you to unleash a series of rapid blows, with the potential to increase your attack speed. Frenzy offers three enhancement options to suit different playstyles and preferences:

Enhanced: With the Enhanced Frenzy, when you gain a 60% bonus attack speed, you’ll generate extra fury. This enhancement is perfect for Barbarians looking to quickly build up their fury resource for powerful skill combos.

Battle: If you’re in a berserking state, the Battle enhancement increases the attack speed for other skills with each Frenzy stack. This enhancement allows you to capitalize on your berserking state, making your other skills even more deadly and efficient.

Combat: The Combat enhancement grants damage reduction for each active Frenzy stack. This option helps to increase your Barbarian’s survivability, allowing you to stay in the fight longer and deal more damage to your enemies.


Whirlwind is a classic Barbarian skill that allows you to rapidly attack enemies surrounding you. As a channeled ability, Whirlwind continues to deal damage as long as you maintain it. The skill offers three variations to cater to different playstyles:

Enhanced: The Enhanced version of Whirlwind lets you gain fury when the skill deals direct damage, with bonus fury gained from elite enemies. This enhancement helps to fuel your fury resource, enabling you to unleash devastating combos more frequently.

Furious: If you’re using a slashing weapon, the Furious version of Whirlwind causes the skill to also inflict a portion of its base damage as bleeding. This enhancement adds an additional layer of damage to your Whirlwind, making it even more deadly against your foes.

Violent: With the Violent variation, your Whirlwind’s damage increases after being channeled for two seconds, and the bonus damage lasts until the channeling is canceled. This enhancement rewards sustained use of Whirlwind, making it a potent option for taking down large groups of enemies or whittling away at tougher foes.

Hammer of the Ancients

Hammer of the Ancients is a powerful Barbarian skill that lets you slam down your hammer, dealing area-of-effect (AoE) damage to enemies in its path. This skill comes with three variations, providing flexibility and options to customize your Barbarian’s build:

Enhanced: The Enhanced version of Hammer of the Ancients allows you to gain more fury for each enemy damaged, with the effect stacking up to 10 times. This enhancement enables you to quickly build up your fury resource, setting you up for even more potent attacks.

Furious: With the Furious variation, Hammer of the Ancients grants bonus damage for each point of fury you have when you use the skill. This enhancement rewards you for maintaining high fury levels, leading to devastating blows against your enemies.

Violent: The Violent version of Hammer of the Ancients adds an additional effect when overpowering with the skill, granting bonus damage. This enhancement further increases the potency of your hammer strikes, making it an excellent choice for players looking to maximize their Barbarian’s damage output.


You can spend gold to respec skills in Diablo 4 for any class you choose to play.

Double Swing

Double Swing is an effective Barbarian skill that allows you to sweep your weapons from opposite directions, damaging enemies caught in the center with both weapons simultaneously. This skill offers three variations, giving you more options to customize your Barbarian’s build:

Enhanced: The Enhanced version of Double Swing grants you additional fury if the skill damages a stunned or knocked-down enemy. This enhancement helps you build fury faster, allowing you to unleash more powerful attacks.

Furious: If you cast Double Swing while in a berserking state, the Furious variation extends the berserking duration by two seconds. This extension keeps your Barbarian in a powerful, heightened state for a longer period, increasing your overall damage potential.

Violent: With the Violent variation, Double Swing applies a vulnerable effect to a target hit by both weapons. This effect makes the enemy more susceptible to incoming damage, allowing you and your teammates to quickly dispatch tougher foes.

Ground Stomp

Ground Stomp is a Barbarian skill that deals area of effect (AoE) damage and stuns enemies caught in its radius. This skill not only inflicts damage but also provides crowd control, making it an essential part of any Barbarian build. Ground Stomp has three variations:

Enhanced: The Enhanced version of Ground Stomp increases the stun duration, providing you with extra time to deal damage to stunned enemies or escape from a dangerous situation.

Strategic: The Strategic variation of Ground Stomp reduces the cooldown of your Ultimate skill for each enemy hit. This reduction allows you to use your powerful Ultimate skill more frequently, giving you a significant advantage in battle.

Tactical: The Tactical version of Ground Stomp generates fury, helping you build up your fury pool faster. With more fury at your disposal, you can unleash devastating attacks more often, making this variation a valuable addition to your Barbarian build.

Iron Skin

Iron Skin is a potent defensive skill for Barbarians in Diablo 4 Beta, providing a protective barrier that absorbs a portion of your missing life. This skill is essential for maintaining your survivability during intense battles and can be a key component of an overpowered build.

Enhanced: The barrier provided by Iron Skin absorbs an additional 5% of your maximum life, making it even more effective at mitigating incoming damage.

Strategic: This rune grants a portion of your base life as fortify, increasing your damage reduction. The fortify amount doubles if your health is below 50%, providing extra protection when you need it most.

Tactical: While Iron Skin is active, you gradually heal for a percentage of the barrier’s amount. This continuous healing effect can be a lifesaver in prolonged fights, ensuring you stay in the battle longer.

War Cry

War Cry is a powerful Barbarian skill that increases the damage dealt by you and your allies in Diablo 4 Beta. This buffing ability can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your party, making it a crucial part of a DPS build.

Enhanced: In addition to the base damage increase, War Cry also grants the berserking effect, providing a further boost to your damage output and movement speed.

Mighty: This rune grants a percentage of your base life as fortify, improving your survivability on the battlefield.

Power: The damage bonus provided by War Cry is further increased when there are six or more enemies nearby when the skill is cast, making it especially effective in crowded combat scenarios.


Deathblow is a powerful Barbarian skill in Diablo 4 Beta, designed to deliver a devastating strike that can potentially eliminate enemies in a single blow. If you successfully kill an enemy with Deathblow, its cooldown is reset, allowing you to continue unleashing deadly attacks on your foes.

Enhanced: Deathblow becomes even more lethal against bosses, with a 100% increase in damage. This makes it a valuable skill to have in your arsenal when facing Diablo 4’s toughest adversaries.

Fighter’s: With this rune, you gain fury if Deathblow damages at least one enemy. The additional fury generation can fuel your other skills, making you a more formidable force on the battlefield.

Warrior’s: If Deathblow damages at least one enemy, you’ll gain the berserking effect, which provides a significant boost to your damage output and movement speed. This effect can turn the tide of battle in your favor, allowing you to quickly dispatch multiple enemies.

Disclaimer: This guide is based on the Diablo 4 Beta version, and the skills or their effects may be subject to change in the final release of the game.

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