In the world of NBA 2K23, badges play a big role in determining how successful a player can be. From three-point shooters to defenders, some cards can help any gamer succeed on the virtual hardwood. But with so many cards to choose from, which ones are the best? Here’s a look at the best cards in NBA 2K23.


Since the NBA is a professional basketball league, your success depends heavily on the quality of your roster. In other words, don’t take unnecessary risks with your roster and spend your money wisely. The cards mentioned below are the best ones for the corresponding position.

Best Badges For Each Position

Position: Point Guard

Ja Moran:

If you’re not worried about money, I suggest Ja Moran. He is the best choice to start your NBA journey, and you won’t need anyone else in the future to fill your Point Guard position.

Chauncy Billups:

With an overall rating of 85, Chauncy Billups is one of the best possible outcomes you could ask for when spending a minimum on a Point Guard- and he’ll only cost you 1300.

Driving Lay Up92
Ball Handle88
Pass Accuracy89
Pass IQ89
Free Throw87
Close Shot87

Position: Shooting Guard

Robert Reid

Not every costly player is better; there are some exceptions, such as Robert Reid, who costs you just $1000 but has the potential to grow in the future and boost your roster. Regarding close shots, one name that keeps coming up is Robert Reid, owing to his possession of eight badges (1 x silver and 7x bronze badge) and an overall rating of 83.

Close Shot84

Position: Small Forward

Kelly Tripucka is an ideal candidate for the small forward in your roster. With his overall rating of 85 and expert three-point shooting skills, he’s sure to help you win games. Plus, he has seven bronze badges for his experience and success. The best part is that he’s available on your team for just 700.

Draw Foul88
Free Throw87

Position: Power Forward

P.J. Tucker

The power forward is arguable the most important position on a basketball team. When you have a limited budget, P.J Tucker is one of the best options for your power-forward spot. The Tucker is your guy, with an overall rating of 74 and a price of approx 1000. You may replace him as soon as you have some money.

Close Shot88
Perimeter Defense75

Position: Center

The final player you’ll need is Rik Smits as your center. Because of his greater endurance, which implies he can stand in the game longer, Rik Smits has the edge over Shaq regarding performance. Rik has an overall rating of 82 and costs you 1400.

Post Hook87
Post Fade87
Post Control87
Offensive Rebound 87
Defensive Rebound 87
Close Shot88

That’s everything we have on best badges, but if you need more information about NBA 2K23, I suggest visiting our Atlanta Hawks Ratings and Boston Celtics Ratings Guides.