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Best Armor for Atreus in God Of War Ragnarok


Even playing God of War Ragnarok for a few hours makes you realize how crucial Atreus is to your journey and how helpful the boi can be to Kratos. But you can boost his abilities and appearance to make him an even more appealing option as a companion. Moreover, to keep him safe and ready for any obstacles you may face, it’s essential to make sure he’s got the best armor possible.

In this guide, we’ll look at the different armor options available for Atreus (there aren’t many) and provide recommendations for the best armor for Atreus in God of War Ragnarok.

Best Armor for Atreus in God Of War Ragnarok and How to Get It

The following is the list of best armor for Atreus in God Of War Ragnarok, and below that, you can see our recommendation for the best armor for Atreus.

  • Aesir Uniform
  • Brother’s Brand Vestment
  • Darkdale Attire
  • Fate Breaker Tunic
  • Jotnar’s Champion Garb
  • Risen Snow Tunic
  • Survival Garb

Aesir Uniform

Aesir Uniform is the best armor for Atreus in God of War Ragnarok. While no armor makes any difference to your stats, choosing Aesir Uniform makes sense from a story point of view because this was designed to fit Loki.

  • How to Get Aesir Uniform: Play “The Runaway” main quest.

What makes the best armor apart from appearance? Frankly, nothing other than armor accessories make any difference, so you need to focus on creating the best armor build for Atreus.

Best Armor Accessories for Atreus

God of War Ragnarok offers 12 armor accessories for Atreus. You can equip three at a time, the best ones that help you the most in battle. Here’s a list of the best armor accessories we recommend:

  • Nocked Proficiency: Every 3rd runic arrow fires an additional third arrow. You can find it on the top floor of the Asgardian prison in Nilfheim.
  • Runic Recharge: All runic arrows get replenished if an enemy is killed by a runic arrow. Runic Recharge is found inside Loki’s room during The Runaway main quest.
  • Sonic Aftershock: Enemy’s affected by Sonic feel a lot of more stun with melee attacks.

That’s all we have on the best armor for Atreus in GoW Ragnarok. There is a lot more to read on God War of Ragnarok, I recommend reading the Purified Crystalline Location.

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