How to Beat The Great Wroggi in Monster Hunter Rise

How to beat the great wroggi Monster Hunter Rise

One of the ultimate beasts you come across in Monster Hunter Rise is The Great Wroggi. Just like others, it comes with its own unique skill set, attack patterns, and deadly combos which makes it extremely hard to defeat. In this boss fight guide, I will explain how to beat The Great Wroggi in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Beat The Great Wroggi

The Great Wroggi is a big Bird Wyvern that protected by basic Wroggi. When you come face to face with The Great Wroggi you will have to worry about his pack as well. The Great Wroggi combined with his pack of little Wyverns makes a deadly combination. This monster is found in the Flooded Forest.

To beat The Great Wroggi you need to attack its head. The best play is to attack its head while your pets focus on its pack. If don’t have pets or other hunters by your side, it is best to avoid an attempt at defeating The Great Wroggi.

The Great Wroggi uses poison attacks so poison-resistant potions must be in your inventory. Its poison mist remains for a short period of time so wait it out. If you have pets or other hunters, use them to distract the beast while you use an antinode for the poison mist. The bow is the most effective weapon against The Great Wroggi as it allows you to keep your distance while attacking its head.

If you The Great Wroggi tries to escape the fight, follow it on your Palamute. Catch up to it and finish it off with relentless attacks. Once done, collect the items from its body and carry on your adventure.

And that’s how you beat The Great Wroggi in Monster Hunter Rise. Need more help? See how to beat Arzuros, how to fast travel, how to catch monsters, Palico abilities, best starting weapons, how to beat Somnacanth, Wyvern Riding tips, buddies guides.

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