In Valheim you can take on a number of Forsaken bosses and one of them is known as the Elder. He is the second boss fight of the game and while not the toughest one, it is still annoying to face him in the Dark Forest.


In this Valheim Elder Boss Fight Guide, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know to summon and defeat The Elder. From where to find The Elder to the best tactics for defeating this giant tree monster, we’ve got you covered.

Where To Find Elder Location in Valheim

Before you can take on the Elder, you need to locate his altar in the Black Forest biome. The easiest way to find it is by searching for half-circle Rune Stones in the Black Forest. These stones can be found in underground Burial Chambers or outside greyling encampments like stone towers. Interacting with one of these Rune Stones will mark The Elder’s altar on your map.

To summon The Elder, you’ll need three Ancient Seeds. Destroy greydwarf nests or defeat greydwarf brutes and shamans in the Black Forest to find these valuable seeds.


How To Summon The Elder In Valheim

To summon The Elder, place the three Ancient Seeds in the flaming bowl at the center of his altar. This will activate the summoning ritual and bring The Elder to your location. But remember, The Elder has lots of health and deals significant damage, so be prepared!

Place three ancient seeds on this alter to summon the elder in Valheim.

Preparing For Elder In Valheim

Before you summon Elder, make sure you have the right gear and items. Here are our recommendations:

Best Gear For Elder Boss Fight

Equip bronze armor and weapons for this fight. A bronze plate cuirass, bronze plate leggings, bronze helmet, and a bronze buckler will give you the defense you need against this massive tree enemy. Use a bow for ranged attacks; there are many great bows available in Valheim. here’s a list of the best bows in Valheim:

Weapon NameWieldingSpecial Abilities
Dragur Fang BowTwo HandedIncreased knockback, pierces multiple enemies.
Huntsman BowTwo HandedKnockback and Stagger effect.
SpinesnapTwo HandedKnockback and Stagger effect.

No matter which bow you choose, bring fire arrows as they are highly effective against The Elder. You’ll want at least 100 fire arrows for the battle. Don’t forget to bring a shield to block The Elder’s stomp attack.


Best Items For Elder Boss Fight

Eat stamina-boosting food like Cooked Fish, Carrot Soup, and Queen’s Jam. If you haven’t found the Valheim trader, you can go for Grilled Neck Tail, Carrot Soup, and Queen’s Jam.

Ferment potions can be helpful for healing and stamina. Create healing potions using honey, blueberries, raspberries, and dandelion. For stamina potions, mix honey, raspberries, and yellow mushrooms.

How To Beat Elder In Valheim (Best Method)

Survey the area around the altar before summoning The Elder to make sure there are no enemies nearby, such as Greydwarves or Trolls. Build a fast travel portal nearby so you can quickly return to collect your items if you die.

Place campfires around the edges of The Elder’s altar before summoning him. The Elder moves slowly, and stepping on a campfire will cause extra burn damage. Avoid running into the woods during the fight, as The Elder will follow you, and you might encounter other Greydwarves, skeletons, or trolls, making the battle more challenging.


Once you’ve summoned The Elder, it’s time to face him head-on.

Use the stone pillars as cover. Position yourself behind one when The Elder approaches you. When The Elder prepares a ranged attack, take cover behind a pillar. The pillars will protect you from this attack. Keep attacking The Elder with fire arrows whenever you get the chance. When vines emerge from the ground, don’t waste time fighting them. Quickly move to a different pillar. The vines will eventually disappear, allowing you to return to the fight.

6 More Ways To Beat The Elder in Valheim

In addition to the best method we discussed above, there are 6 more ways to beat The Elder in Valheim. Here’s a rundown of every effective way for The Elder Boss Fight:

Melee Strategy

Equip strong melee weapons such as the bronze axe, sword, mace, spear, or copper knife. Employ a shield to block The Elder’s attacks and seize opportunities to strike. Take caution when dealing with roots summoned by The Elder. Managing your stamina is crucial, and avoid getting greedy with extra attacks.

Two-Handed Weapons and Dodge Rolls

This method involves using two-handed weapons like the bronze two-handed sword or stag breaker. Employ dodge rolls to evade The Elder’s stomps. Watch out for the roots and use the secondary attack to clear them. Monitor your stamina usage as two-handed weapons consume more stamina.

Bone Tower Shield Strategy

Use the bone tower shield to block The Elder’s attacks without staggering. Keep in mind that this strategy comes with slower movement. Stay in close proximity to The Elder to prevent its vine attack. Handle roots carefully to avoid unnecessary damage.

Trench Bow Strategy

Dig a small trench near the area where The Elder spawns. Shoot The Elder from the safety of the trench, ensuring you are out of its reach. Watch out for roots that may spawn and swiftly eliminate them. Patience is key when employing this method.

Campfire Strategy

Before summoning The Elder, place workbenches around the corners of the altar. Construct walls to restrict The Elder’s movement. Use campfires strategically to gradually damage The Elder. Be prepared to repair campfires as needed during the fight.

Platform Strategy

Create platforms using core wood in the corners of the altar. Utilize a bow for long-range attacks, a polearm for medium-range combat, and a copper knife for close quarters. Stay on the platforms to avoid The Elder’s attacks. If possible, construct log barriers to hinder The Elder’s movement.

Rewards and Drops

After defeating The Elder in Valheim, you’ll obtain the Swamp Key and his unique trophy. Use the Swamp Key to unlock Sunken Crypts in the Swamp biome, where you can find valuable iron scraps. Take the Elder Trophy back to the circle of stones at the spawn point and place it on the Elder stone to unlock the Elder Forsaken Power. This power boosts your damage against trees for five minutes and can be activated once every 20 minutes.