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Elden Ring: How To Beat The Stonedigger Troll (Easy Cheese)


Elden Ring has plenty of challenging bosses that you can find in the open world. The Stonedigger Troll is one of them. In this Elden Ring guide, we are going to walk you through how you can find and beat the Stonedigger Troll.

You will be able to find the troll in Limgrave Tunnels. You can find this near Agheel Lake where you fight the flying dragon Agheel. In the north section of the lake, you can find a path that goes to Limgrave Tunnels. Once you are inside follow the path to find the door of the boss. You can find the door by rolling when the lift is halfway down. You can then follow the path to find a pair of wooden doors.

Note: There is an additional Stonedigger Troll boss in Old Atlus Tunnels. This guide and cheese method works for both bosses.

Beating The Stonedigger Troll In Elden Ring

Fighting the Stonedigger Troll boss can be very intimidating as you fight the troll in a small space and there isn’t any room to run around in. The monster is mainly going to attack you with its giant club. Club attacks include the sweep, slam, charged slam, and raise. The most devastating attack that the boss has is the quadruple slam. The Stonedigger Troll can also swipe at you with its left hand and stomp its foot to damage you.

Stonedigger Troll Boss Weaknesses

The Stonedigger Troll boss is weak against:

  • Strike attacks
  • Magic
  • Holy
  • Sleep

Sleep Cheese

The Stonedigger Troll boss is very weak against sleep. You can put it to sleep with a single sleep pot no matter how low your arcane is. You can put it to sleep multiple times.

Recommended Ashes

For an easier fight, we can recommend the Kaiden Sellsword Ashes. You can also use the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes to distract the boss and keep agro off you.

Stomp Attack

The boss encounter typically starts with a stomp attack. This can be blocked but the boss follows up with a swing. You can dodge and stay behind the boss to avoid these attacks.

Stay Behind The Boss

When dealing with the giant boss, we can recommend sticking behind the monster. Many of its attacks can be avoided by staying behind it. If you are in front of the boss then we recommend dodging to the sides to avoid vertical attacks and dodging forwards to avoid horizontal attacks.

Backhanded Sweep

If you stay behind the boss long enough then it can use a backhanded sweep attack to face you. The range of this move is not as high as some of the other attacks. So you can move back to avoid it. After that, you need to position yourself behind the boss again to avoid most of its attacks and deal damage.

Staggering The Boss

The Stonedigger Troll can follow up the stomp and sweep attacks with a rush attack. If the boss is facing a wall when it first sweeps then it will run into a wall and be staggered. You can make the most of this and get a few hits in while remaining safe. Do not get too greedy since the boss will recover and attack you with a slam attack.

Shockwave Attack

One of the most powerful attacks that the boss has is when it lifts the club with both hands and slams it down sending out a shockwave. This attack has an area of effect so you want to be far away when the club hits the ground. Fortunately, you can see the troll slowly lift the club with its hands. This is your cue to run away.

Stick To The Outer Side Of The Room For Ranged Builds

If you are using ranged attacks then we recommend sticking to the outer side of the room. Leave enough space for you to roll around as you do not want to hit walls. We also recommend summoning a spirit if you can. This is going to keep agro off of you and make the encounter much easier.

Defeating the Stonedigger Troll will get you the Roar Medallion. This increases the damage of your roars and breath attacks by 15%.

This is everything that you need to know about defeating the Stonedigger Troll in Elden Ring. Have the boss rush into the walls, stagger itself, and then get a few hits in and repeat until the troll is defeated. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can beat Pumpkin Head.

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