Royce is one of the bosses that you are going to encounter in the early part of Cyberpunk 2077. Royce is the leader of the Maelstrom gang and you will encounter him during the mission “The Pick Up”. You will get the mission from Dexter, one of the fixers in the game, soon after you have completed the tutorial. In this Cyberpunk 2077 guide, we are going to go over how you can beat Royce or skip the boss encounter completely.


How To Beat Royce In Cyberpunk 2077

Encounter Details

  • Location: All Foods Plant
  • Mission: The Pickup
  • Objective: Obtain a spiderbot from the Maelstrom gang.

Possible Scenarios

  1. Peaceful Walkthrough: Players can potentially meet Royce without any conflict, leading to negotiations.
  2. Confrontation and Negotiation: If negotiations fail or players choose to confront Royce, it can lead to a battle where Royce dons power armor, making the fight more challenging.
  3. Escaping the Factory: After obtaining the spiderbot, players may need to escape the factory, with Royce appearing in power armor towards the end of the escape.

Combat Details

  • Royce uses a shield and shoots rockets at the beginning of the fight.
  • He is accompanied by another Maelstrom gang member, Ganger Maniac, during the battle.
  • Players can choose to sneak and sabotage Royce’s equipment or engage in open combat.
  • Effective items against Royce include EMP grenades and the LMG Defender rifle.
Royce Randall boss fight section.

Royce has a mech suit on and you need to scan him in order to reveal the weak point of the boss. The weak point is going to glow orange and is on the back of the enemy. Shooting at the other parts of the enemy is not going to do a lot of damage but you can shoot the week points in order to deal high damage and take out the enemy as quickly as possible.

You can use smart weapons in order to shoot the enemy while staying in cover. This is a good strategy that is going to deal damage to the enemy while keeping you safe but you will need to get out of cover in order to hit the weak spots of Royce accurately.

As the battle commences, Royce is armored with a shield, launching rockets to thwart your advances. Your initial attacks are crucial to bring down his shield, making him vulnerable to subsequent strikes.

Royce is not alone in this confrontation. Another Maelstrom gang member joins the fray, but being a common enemy, his presence should not be a significant concern. Your focus should remain on Royce, understanding his movements and attack patterns to effectively counter them.

Before the battle erupts, seize the opportunity to sneak up on Royce. A silent takedown at this stage won’t eliminate him but will significantly deplete his energy, removing a quarter of his total health. As the battle unfolds, employ stealth to your advantage. Hide and execute another sneak attack. Though Royce will be on the lookout, moving and searching for you, a successful sneak attack at this juncture can be lethal, potentially ending the battle in your favor.

In the event Royce manages to flank you, swiftly change your position, seeking cover to shield yourself from his attacks. Pay attention to the small square box-like device on his back, marked by its distinct orange color. This is Royce’s weak point. A close-range attack targeting this device can inflict substantial damage. Equip yourself with a robust close-range weapon, preferably a shotgun, and aim at this weak point for maximum impact.

Headshots are another effective strategy to weaken Royce, causing considerable damage and keeping him at bay. Be vigilant of his attacks and be ready to counter them adeptly. In the first phase, Royce’s laser attack, a single shot, can be dodged or countered by taking cover behind a car or debris. Once his shield is broken, entering the second phase, be wary of his sweeping laser attack. This horizontal attack from right to left requires you to take cover or crouch to avoid damage. Another ground-level sweeping attack from left to right can be countered by taking cover or adeptly jumping over it.

Shoot Or Pay Royce

The decision to shoot or pay Royce in Cyberpunk 2077 is a pivotal moment in “The Pickup” mission. This choice presents players with a complex dilemma, impacting the unfolding of the game’s narrative and the player’s relationship with various characters.

If players choose to pay Royce with the Militech chip, two scenarios can unfold. If the chip is hacked and cleaned of the virus, Royce allows the players to take the bot and leave, warning them against any trickery. However, Militech guards will act hostile towards the players inside All Foods, leading to a confrontation. On the other hand, if the chip is not hacked, Royce realizes the malware on it, and the Maelstromers become hostile, leading to a boss fight against Royce.

Choosing to shoot Royce initiates a battle, leading to the elimination of Royce and other Maelstromers in the room. After defeating Royce, players can loot his body, obtaining the Chaos Tech Pistol and other items. This choice also leads to a meeting with Meredith Stout outside All Foods, who offers more work to you.

Paying with your own money is another option, although it is considered the least favorable. It’s unlikely that you will have sufficient funds at this point in the game, and the robot has already been paid for, making this option less sensible. But if that’s what you choose to do you try our Eurodollar farming tips before this section of The PickUp.

This is how you can beat Royce during “The Pick Up” mission in Cyberpunk 2077. You can also check out our guide on how you can use your phone to call or text someone in the game. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Cyberpunk 2077 guides hub.