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How To Beat Iono (Levincia Gym) In Pokemon: Scarlet And Violet


Iono is the electric-type gym leader of the Levincia gym. Levincia is north of Artazon. We recommend taking on Iono once you have two gym badges. This Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guide covers how you can beat the Levincia Gym Leader Iono.

Levincia Gym Challenge

Once you talk to the receptionist, you will go out and meet Mister Walksabout. To complete the gym challenge you need to find Mister Walksabout in three images and fight trainers each time. In this first image, he is sitting in an eating area and hiding behind a pole.

Once you see him, you will encounter the first trainer who has a Luxio. You can use a Ground-type Pokemon to defeat him quickly. The second image will have Mister Walksaround at the center of the Pokemon Station. When you spot him, you will encounter a trainer that has a Tynamo and Flaafy. Both are electric-type Pokemon so counter with a Ground-type Pokemon.

Lastly, in the last image, Mister Walksbout is standing on a boat. He is very small in this image but when you do spot him you can head over to the gym and talk to the receptionist.

How To Beat Iono In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Iono uses four Pokemon; Wattrel, Bellibolt, Luxio and Mismagius. Wattrel is an Electric and Flying-type and Mismagius is Ghost and Electric-type. The remaining two are Electric-Type. While Ground-type Pokemon are very effective against Electric-type, Flying-type are immune to Ground-type. In order to defeat Wattrel, you need to use a Rock or Ice-type Pokemon.

Bellibolt and Luxio are simpler to deal with. Use Ground-type Pokemon to deal with them quickly. Lastly, you need to defeat Mismagius. Once Terastallized, Mismagius becomes immune to most types of Pokemon. We recommend using a higher-level Pokemon in order to defeat Tera Mismagius. A Pokemon around level 30 should do the trick.

Mismagius can use the Confuse Ray ability which can make things tricky. So be sure to have some Pokemon that you can sacrifice. Alternatively, you can use Persim Berries to counter the Confuse Ray attack.

Once you defeat Iono, you will get the Volt Switch TM and the Levincia Gym Badge. This is how you can defeat Iono, the Levincia Gym Leader in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. If you want to learn more then you can check out our guide on how you can get Dragonite. You can also check out our guide on how you can unlock 6-Star Raids.

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