In Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, players face tough challenges in battles against powerful bosses that test their combat skills and strategic thinking. One of the toughest enemies you’ll encounter is Heimlock, the final boss in Act 3 after beating Pacified Experiment P90 and Nikolas.


Defeating Heimlock requires careful planning, precise execution, and an understanding of his attack patterns and weaknesses.

Heimlock is an alpha boss in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, and he can be found in Act 3, following the completion of Fury’s Ascent quest. As the final boss of the game, Heimlock is composed of three distinct phases, each more challenging than the last. To defeat him, players must overcome a barrage of devastating attacks and navigate a complex arena filled with hazards. Now, let’s explore each phase in detail.

Wolcen Heimlock Boss tips and tricks.

Phase 1 Attacks and Counters

In the first phase of the battle, Heimlock showcases a range of powerful attacks designed to test your reflexes and resilience. Here are the key attacks to watch out for:

  1. Teleporting Assault: Heimlock teleports and jumps down onto a marked spot, dealing substantial damage. This attack also leaves behind dangerous ice spikes in all directions.
  2. Giant Axe Summon: Heimlock summons a massive floating axe that revolves around him. The axe’s range increases with each swing, so make sure to stay clear of its path.
  3. Fiery Rain: Heimlock summons fireballs from above, indicated by a red warning. These fireballs create damaging areas upon impact, so be sure to dodge away from them.
  4. Axe Barrage: Heimlock executes four consecutive axe attacks, with the final one slamming into the ground. Anticipate the ground slam and move away to avoid taking damage.

Phase 2 Attacks and Counters

In the second phase, Heimlock undergoes a transformation, takes on his Primordial state and uses the following attacks

  1. Aerial Assault: Heimlock jumps into the air, outside of visibility range, while a blue area forms on the ground. He then lands with a devastating attack. Dodge the blue area to avoid being caught in the blast.
  2. Quick Weapon Strikes: While in his Primordial state, Heimlock performs three quick attacks with his weapon, the third ending in a ground slam. Stay vigilant and time your dodges to avoid getting hit.
  3. Repeat Attacks: Outside of his Primordial state, Heimlock repeats the attacks from the first phase. Be prepared to face the familiar onslaught.

Phase 3 Attacks and Counters

As the battle intensifies, Heimlock enters the third and final phase, unleashing his most devastating attacks. Prepare yourself for the following assaults:

  1. Fireball Deluge: Heimlock summons a massive rain of fireballs from the sky, affecting a large area with multiple projectiles. Move swiftly to avoid being caught in the barrage.
  2. Ground Damage Assault: Heimlock delivers a series of upfront attacks, summoning spikes and fire that deal ground damage in multiple directions. These attacks hit twice, making them particularly dangerous.
  3. Aerial Devastation: Similar to the previous phases, Heimlock jumps into the air, creating a blue area on the ground. Dodge the area to evade the ensuing massive attack.
  4. Melee Barrage: Heimlock executes three quick melee attacks, followed by a ground slam that spreads small electricity orbs on impact. Keep your distance and be ready to dodge the orbs.
  5. Repeat Attacks: Once again, when Heimlock is not in his Primordial state, he will repeat the attacks from the first phase. Stay focused and adapt your strategy accordingly.
Wolcen Heimlock Boss build suggestion.

How to Beat Heimlock in Wolcen Lords of Mayhem

With the knowledge of Heimlock’s attacks and phases, it’s time to develop a winning strategy. Here are some key tips to help you defeat Heimlock and emerge triumphant:

  1. Study the Arena: Take advantage of the first phase to study the arena and strategize according to your build. Melee characters may find it more challenging to inflict damage without taking hits, so plan your movements accordingly.
  2. Invest in HP and Life Leech: To survive Heimlock’s relentless attacks, it’s important to have an ample amount of health points (HP) and consider investing in Life Leech to replenish your health during the fight. This will help you sustain yourself and endure Heimlock’s onslaught.
  3. Dodge Hazardous Attacks: Stay alert and be vigilant in evading Heimlock’s devastating attacks, including the aerial assaults, ground slams, and fiery rain. Pay close attention to visual cues that indicate his impending strikes and time your dodges accordingly. By observing these cues and executing well-timed dodges, you can effectively avoid taking damage from Heimlock’s powerful attacks.
  4. Utilize Aspect of Apocalypse: Activate your Aspect of Apocalypse ability to deal additional damage to Heimlock and effectively handle the waves of enemies he summons.
  5. Dominate the Domes of Light: When the phrase “Anathea protects this world” appears, make use of the domes of light to shield yourself from certain attacks. Position yourself strategically to maximize their protection.
  6. Adapt Your Build: If you find that your damage output is insufficient, consider adapting your build to optimize your damage-dealing abilities. Experiment with different skills and passives to find the most effective combination.
  7. Save Second Wind Tokens: During the third phase, save as many Second Wind tokens as possible. These tokens will provide you with a valuable burst of healing and stamina, enhancing your survivability.
  8. Stay Alert for Visual Cues: Heimlock’s attacks are often accompanied by visual cues, such as red circles or blue areas. Pay close attention to these cues to anticipate and avoid incoming damage.
  9. Trial and Error: Be prepared for a challenging battle and expect to learn from your mistakes. It may take several attempts to refine your strategy and overcome Heimlock’s formidable might.

This is how to beat Heimlock in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. For more help on the game, check out Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Wiki guides.



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