How to Beat Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise great izuchi

One of the most ferocious monsters you’ll come across in Monster Hunter Rise is Great Izuchi. Just like other creatures in the game, it comes with its own unique attack patterns, abilities, and weaknesses. In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know on how to beat the Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Boss Fight: How to Beat Great Izuchi

The Great Izuchi is a Bird Wyvern and is one of the easier bosses you fight in the game. However, if you underestimate it you will regret your actions. The Great Izuchi doesn’t travel alone, usually, you will find it alongside a couple of regular Izuchis. All of them use a spinning tail attack but this attack does more damage when performed by the Great Izuchi. Moreover, The Great Izuchi and its team can spit out rocks and pebbles at you. The Great Izuchi can throw rocks and pebbles at a greater distance compared to its minions.

To beat the Great Izuchi you must first take down its minions. The monster will keep summoning new minions so whenever it does, take them down before focusing on the Great Izuchi itself.

The Great Izuchi spins its tail three times and this is usually its go-to move which makes it predictable. While it is predictable, it is deadly as well. Dodge or block this attack the 3x tail attack. There are other tail attacks it performs but they don’t do much as damage and are easy to dodge.

Make sure to keep an eye on your stamina while attacking The Great Izuchi. Landing too many hits in a short period of time will drain your stamina, hence, giving the monster an opportunity to do its tail attack.

And that’s how you defeat the Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise. Need more help? See how to beat Magnamalo, how to beat Goss Harag, Endemic Life Locations, how to beat The Great Wroggi, how to capture Monsters, how to fast travel.

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