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How To Beat Godfrey And Hoarah Loux In Elden Ring


Elden Ring has plenty of different bosses for you to take on. As your get to the end of the game and steps away from becoming the Elden Lord, you will need to beat Godfrey. In this Elden Ring guide, we are going to walk you through how you can beat Godfrey.

Beating Godfrey In Elden Ring

Godfrey is all about physical damage so a good armor that keeps you in medium load is going to go a long way. During the first phase of the fight, you are also going to need a good shield. Godfrey is susceptible to Scarlet Rot, so use that to your advantage for bonus damage. You should also use a good spirit such as the Mimic Tear or Latenna the Albinauric.

During the first phase of the boss fight, the boss is going to use an axe and stomp attacks. These are pretty straight forward and you can dodge or block them. When you see him smashing his axe into the ground, you need to run out of the area as this is an area of effect attack. Dodging this is very tricky as it requires exact timing, so running away is going to be much easier.

Godfrey Elden Ring

The stomp attacks create shockwaves, you can avoid damage by jumping or dodging. Once the boss is down to around 70% health, then it is going to use a mega stomp attack. This is going to create a shockwave in the whole arena. The only way of avoiding this is by jumping.

Once you have done enough damage and the boss is down to around half health, the second phase of the boss fight is going to start.

Phase Two

During this phase of the fight, the boss is going to use his fists and feet in order to attack you. The boss is going to be very aggressive during this phase of the fight and survival is going to be increasingly difficult.

Hoarah Loux is going to leap at you and try to grab you. You will need to dodge this attack or you could be killed in a single attack. Once you do that, proceed defensively, as you would with any other boss encounter.

The boss has combo attacks that can be difficult to dodge so consider blocking. Move away when this happens as well. Hoarah Loux can use another grab attack as well. When you see it coming you need to dodge otherwise you are going to die for sure. When the boss starts pounding the ground, you need to move out of the area as this does area of effect damage. The attack creates waves and there is an explosion at the end so you need to jump and run.

Not only do you need to look out for the fists but the kicks as well as they do considerable damage and can knock you back as well. Once the boss drops to low health, it can create shockwaves throughout the arena so you need to jump in order to avoid taking damage.

This is how you can beat Godfrey and Hoarah Loux in Elden Ring. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on the best spirit summons in the game. For more content, check out our Elden Ring guides hub.

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