Genshin Impact Version 4.1 brought forth a formidable adversary, the Experimental Field Generator. Found in the ruins of the old Fontaine Research Institute of Kinetic Energy Engineering, the Experimental Field Generator boss epitomizes an experiment gone awry, harnessing the potent energies of Pneuma and Ousia. In this guide, we will go through every little detail you need to beat the Experimental Field Generator boss in Genshin Impact.


Location of the Experimental Field Generator

The Experimental Field Generator is strategically positioned in the remnants of the old Fontaine Research Institute of Kinetic Energy Engineering. To find this formidable boss, players must navigate to the northern side of Fontaine. The location is conveniently situated near a waypoint, allowing for easy access and quick travel. The ruins, now a battleground, set the stage for the impending clash with the Experimental Field Generator in Genshin Impact. As players approach the area, the looming structure of the boss becomes visible.

Experimental Field Generator Location.

What You Need To Know About Experimental Field Generator

This boss is more than just a big machine. It has a lot of different attacks that can catch you off guard if you’re not careful. It can use Geo attacks and shoot a bunch of missiles at you. Plus, it can even change the gravity to make things more confusing during the battle.

The Experimental Field Generator also uses two special types of energy called Pneuma and Ousia. Knowing how these energies work is really important for beating the boss. Make sure to choose characters that can use Pneuma energy in their attacks. This will help a lot in stopping the boss and making the fight easier.

Choose the Right Characters

Pick characters that have Pneuma-energy in their attacks. Characters like Lyney, Neuvillette, Hydro Traveler, and Freminet are good choices. They can help disable the boss, making the fight a bit easier.

Attack Patterns of the Experimental Field Generator

Understanding the attack patterns of the Experimental Field Generator is crucial for devising an effective strategy to defeat it. Let’s delve into the various attacks and how to adeptly navigate them:

Geo Attacks

The Experimental Field Generator uses several Geo attacks that span both close and far ranges. These attacks, although potent, can be anticipated and dodged by maintaining mobility during the battle.

Missile Flurry

In certain instances, the boss unleashes a barrage of homing missiles targeted at the player’s position. This attack requires precise timing to dodge, ensuring you evade substantial damage.

Gravitational Alteration

One of the most formidable attacks occurs later in the battle when the Field Generator alters the gravitational pull within the arena. This change allows for heightened jumps and enhanced plunging attacks, reminiscent of the character Xiao. Despite these benefits, the primary purpose of this gravitational shift is to evade a massive Geo ripple attack. This attack encompasses a vast area, inflicting heavy damage and potentially knocking out characters caught within its radius.

Neutralizing Gravity Reduction Field

A pivotal tip to counteract the gravity-altering attack is to employ a Pneuma-Aligned character like Neuvillette. By consistently hitting the core with Pneuma attacks, you can neutralize the gravity reduction field, preventing the boss from executing this devastating attack.


Upon the triumphant defeat of the Experimental Field Generator, a treasure trove of rewards awaits to be claimed. Here’s a glimpse into the bounties you can garner:

  • Tourbillon Device: An exquisite item that is essential for character ascension, enhancing their abilities and stats for more robust performance in battles and explorations.
  • Artifact Sets: Acquire various artifact sets (Traveling Doctor artifact set, Instructor artifact set, The Exile artifact set, Gladiator’s Finale artifact set, Wanderer’s Troupe artifact set, Prayers for Wisdom artifact set) that bolster your characters’ attributes, providing additional damage, defense, and other beneficial stats to enhance gameplay.
  • Prithiva Topaz Items: Collect Prithiva Topaz items, valuable materials used for character and weapon ascension, further augmenting your team’s strength and efficiency in Genshin Impact.