Bravely Default 2 has plenty of challenging boss fights. Empuse happens to be one of them. You will encounter the boss in Miasma Wood while you do side quest number 44. In this Bravely Default 2 guide, we are going to walk you through how you can beat Empuse.

Beating Empuse In Bravely Default 2

There are two other enemies with Empuse that that can complicate matters. The other two are Frankenfalcot and Papilloid. Empuse’s Killer Strike ability allows it to hit you anytime it wants. Raging Flame deals fire damage to all targets. Regenerate Limb allows the boss to regenerate one of its limbs.

Freankenfalcot can heal one of its companions. Protecta and Shellga apply physical and magic damage. Papilloid’s Virus Crunch can induce a contagion on targets. This can also counter all the abilities of the targets. Lastly, Fulmination can paralyze all the targets.

Empuse Boss Fight Strategy

At enemy seems weak at first. The boss has weak stats but that should not deceive you. Killing them once by one might seem like the way to go but that is not what we recommend as Empuse can bring them back with half HP.

What you need to do is deal damage to all of them without killing them. Remember that the one on the left is the support. The boss in the middle is there to deal damage and the one on the left applies status effects. The right arm is the worst and can paralyze or freeze you.

Beastmaster is going to be the best job for this boss battle. Use fire beasts as two of the parts are weak to fire. Pair the Beastmaster with Ranger or Vanguard in order to take on the third.

You have plenty of resources at the start of the battle so you should save them for the end. You should use all the strongest skills and abilities at the end. This is how you can beat Empuse in Bravely Default 2.

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