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How To Beat Eizen In Tales Of Arise


Eizen is one of the cameo bosses that you can take on in Tales of Arise. Once you have beaten Edna, his sister, you will then have a chance to take things up with Eizen. In this Tales of Arise guide, we are going to go over how you can beat Eizen.

Beating Eizen In Tales Of Arise

Most of Eizen’s attacks are close to mid-range but his Artes allows him to attack from a distance. When he uses his Draconic Drive attack, he will fly and hit you with energy. You can dodge this attack. He can also use his Perfect Mayhem attack in which he punches you back to back. You can dodge this attack as well in order to avoid taking damage.

The boss has a special mechanic which allows him to use Luminous Gain, which is going to heal him. You need to interrupt this when it happens so that the boss does not heal himself. If you allow this to happen then you will be stuck in a battle with Eizen.

This is a post-game boss and you will need to be ready for him. If you are under-leveled and do not have the right gear then you are going to get rekt. What I can recommend is using different attack combos in order to deal damage and chip away at the health bar. Perfect dodges and counterattacks are going to play a very important role here, just like all the other boss battles.

1x Scarlet Night Key and 1x Demon’s Cry are the rewards that you get for beating Eizen. This is how you can beat Eizen in Tales of Arise. To learn more about the game check out our guide on how you can unlock titles. For more guides check out our Tales of Arise guides hub.

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