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Wolcen Edric Boss, How to Beat, Location


Once you’re done with Sirkis and Yudai boss fight in Wolcen, the next big challenge is Edric, the Justicar of the Republic. Edric boss fight is known to give players a tough time, especially considering its placement early on in the game. In this guide, we will break down the three phases of the Edric boss fight and provide you with valuable tips on how to beat him in Wolcen.

Edric Boss Fight Phase 1 Attacks and Counters

The first phase of the Edric boss fight is relatively easier compared to the later stages. Edric is slower and less mobile, allowing you to learn his attack patterns and develop a strategy. However, don’t let your guard down, as his attacks can still deal significant damage. Here are some key attacks to watch out for during this phase:

  • Spread Shot: Edric uses his weapon to unleash a spread shot that covers an arched area in front of him. Keep your distance and dodge to evade this attack.
  • Shield Bash: Edric charges forward and hits the area in front of him with his shield. Dodge to the side to avoid getting caught in the impact.
  • Minion Summons: Similar to other boss fights, Edric can summon minions to aid him in battle. Deal with these minions swiftly to reduce the number of threats on the battlefield.
  • Sprint and Charge: Edric can quickly sprint and charge in a set direction. Keep an eye on his movements and dodge away to avoid getting hit.
  • Rapid-Fire: Edric guards himself with a shield and rapidly fires at your character for a short duration. Use this opportunity to move in and attack from behind when he is momentarily distracted.
  • Sword Attack: Edric can also attack using his sword, pointing it in front of him. Watch for the telltale signs and dodge accordingly.

During this phase, take advantage of Edric’s slower attacks to strike back. Dodge incoming projectiles and look for opportunities to attack him from behind. When Edric charges forward, move to the side and counter-attack. Additionally, when he shields himself and starts rapid-firing, quickly closes the distance and attacks him from behind where he is vulnerable.

Wolcen Edric boss fight tips.

Edric Boss Fight Phase 2 Attack and Counters

As you progress to the second phase of the Edric boss fight in Wolcen, things get more difficulty. Edric becomes more mobile and gains access to deadlier abilities. Here are the key attacks to be aware of during this phase:

  • Powerful Shot: Edric’s weapon unleashes a powerful shot that is quicker than before. This shot travels in a straight direction, so make sure to dodge to the side to avoid getting hit.
  • Leap and Projectile Attack: Edric charges his sword, leaps toward a direction, and unleashes a barrage of projectiles upon impact. Dodge away from the landing zone to avoid taking damage.
  • Multiple Cone Attacks: Edric alternates between shooting cone attacks in each direction around him. This attack covers a wide area, so pay close attention to the red warning indicators on the floor and dodge accordingly.
  • Summon Minions: Edric can summon minions during this phase as well. Deal with them quickly to minimize distractions and focus on attacking Edric.
  • Melee Punch and Sword Strike: Edric combines a melee punch followed by a sword strike when you are in close proximity. Dodge away to avoid taking damage and retaliate when he is vulnerable.

The key to beating the second phase is awareness and quick reflexes. Pay close attention to Edric’s movements and the warning indicators on the floor. Dodge the cone attacks and leap projectiles, and use ranged attacks to take down the summoned minions efficiently. Timing is crucial in this phase, so be patient and look for openings to strike while avoiding Edric’s devastating attacks.

Edric Boss Fight Phase 3 Attacks and Counters

The third and final phase of the Edric boss fight is where things get truly intense. Edric becomes more aggressive and unpredictable, unleashing a flurry of powerful attacks. Here’s what to expect during this phase:

  • Charged-Up Sword Attack: Edric spins twice in a selected area before him, dealing high damage in quick succession. Keep your distance and dodge away to avoid getting caught in the onslaught.
  • Leaping Sword Slam: Edric jumps into the air, grabs his sword with both hands, and lands on the floor with a powerful attack. This attack creates four ruptures in each direction, so be mindful of your positioning to avoid taking damage.
  • Quick Sword Attack: When you are in close proximity to Edric, he will quickly attack with his sword. Dodge away to evade the attack and counter-attack when he is vulnerable.
  • Rage Mode: Edric enters a rage mode, deals more damage, and acts faster. Be prepared for a relentless assault and stay focused on dodging his attacks.
  • Projectile Barrage: Edric guards himself in the middle of the arena, and projectiles start falling from the sky. Once the barrage

You can see what skills and signature skills would be best to deal with Wolcen’s Edric boss fight. I recommend a 2H sword and spec’d 50/50 between Ferocity and Toughness build to take down Edric.

However, there are a range of different builds you can use for this boss fight. You can also use face-tanking him using a Praetorian / Siegebreaker build for each of his three phases. It is slow and often dull due to all the auto attacks but it does work. You can also try Cabalist DoT stacking.

Stack a ton of Burn/ Shock and move around as much as you can to avoid his attacks. DoTs do a lot of damage to Edric. This is all you need to know to handle this boss with ease. If you need more help with the game check out our guides hub for Lords of Mayhem. I hope that this guide was helpful and that you can now beat the boss easily.

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