Cyberpunk 2077 has many interesting boss fights but the final boss is probably the most emotional encounter. I won’t reveal why it is an emotional encounter in case you are someone who hasn’t reached this part of the game. The final boss fight is against a mercenary called Adam Smasher and he is a ruthless killer. In this boss guide, I will explain how to beat Adam Smasher in Cyberpunk 2077.


Cyberpunk 2077: How to Beat Adam Smasher

Adam Smasher is a cyborg armed with a ton of body modifications. He feels to man but after what he’s done, it is so satisfying to make Adam feel pain and kill him. You come face to face with Adam either at the end of the Total Immortal quest or the Belly of Smaser quest. You should be around level 18 for this quest which isn’t that hard to do if you complete gigs and other side activities.

Preparation for the Battle

  • Recommended Level and Gear:
    • Facing Smasher prematurely can be a death sentence. Aim to be at least level 30.
    • Equip weapons that can pierce through heavy armor. Sniper rifles and powerful shotguns can be particularly effective.
  • Cyberware and Consumables:
  • Enhance your reflexes with cyberware to dodge Smasher’s rapid attacks.
  • Health boosters are essential. The battle can be prolonged, and you’ll need every bit of health you can get.
  • Grenades, especially EMP ones, can momentarily disrupt Smasher’s systems, giving you a brief respite or an opportunity to attack.

When you reach Yorinobu’s office in the Arasaka building, you will experience a Relic malfunction. Most of your Cyberware will shut down which means you are forced to be Adam Smasher the old-fashioned way. You’ll be using your guns, grenades, and to heal you’ll have med packs available.

There is cover in the arena but the server-like covers are destructible so you can’t hide behind them for long. The best tactic here, if you specialize in Tech weapons, is to shoot him through these columns while in cover. There are two phases to this boss fight:

Phase #1

Smasher’s initial assault is a barrage of heavy artillery. Constant movement is key to survival. Use the environment to your advantage, ducking behind cover to avoid his onslaught. Aim for his head and torso. These are his weak points, and landing shots here can deal significant damage.

During the first phase, Smasher will try to land a killer punch with his fist so don’t get too close to him. Keep your distance but also be careful of blasts from his smart gum as its bullets can track you. Focus fire on his right arm and destroy it as soon as possible.

Phase #2

As you chip away at his health, Smasher will call upon Arasaka reinforcements. These troops can overwhelm you if not dealt with promptly. Prioritize taking them out while keeping an eye on Smasher. Mines become a part of Smasher’s arsenal in this phase. They can deal massive damage, so always be on the lookout for them and maintain a safe distance.

Phase #3

In his final phase, Smasher’s aggression reaches its peak. He becomes faster and hits harder. Quickhacks can be your saving grace here, disabling him momentarily and allowing you to land a few hits. When he’s on the brink of defeat, close in and use a combination of melee attacks and short-range firearms to finish the job.

Adam Smasher’s Weaknesses

Adam’s Achilles’ Heel

Hidden beneath a protective plate on the right side of his chest lies Adam Smasher’s cybernetic heart. Damaging this heart can deal significant harm to him. However, before you can target this weak point, you must first shatter the protective plate shielding it. Once exposed, any damage inflicted on this heart can drastically speed up your victory.

His Unexpected Weakness

While Adam Smasher might shrug off electrical assaults, he’s surprisingly susceptible to chemical damage. Utilizing weapons or attacks that deal chemical damage can be a game-changer in this battle.

Bladerunner Perk

Given that Smasher is more machine than man, those who’ve invested in the Bladerunner perk find themselves at an advantage. This engineering skill amplifies damage against mechanical foes like drones, robots, and, of course, Smasher, by a whopping 20%.

Tech Weapons

Tech weapons stand out in the arsenal against Adam Smasher. Their ability to penetrate his protective chest plate means they can target his cybernetic heart directly, dealing maximum damage. Additionally, when faced with reinforcements, the Ping Personnel quick hack can be invaluable, allowing you to spot enemies even through walls.


Frag grenades pack a punch, especially when confronting Adam Smasher. Not only do they deal significant damage to him, but they’re also instrumental when facing the Arasaka soldiers he summons after sustaining damage to his arm.


Adam Smasher’s powerful melee strikes can be devastating. To counter this, maintaining mobility is crucial. Dodge his attacks, keep on the move, and strike back when the opportunity presents itself. Enhancing your agility with cyberware, like the double jump, can make a world of difference.

Tips and Tricks

  • Effective Strategies:
    • The environment is your ally. Use elevated positions to snipe at Smasher and avoid his direct line of fire.
    • Quickhacks, especially those that deal damage over time or disrupt enemy optics, can turn the tide in your favor.
  • Weak Points to Target:
    • Smasher’s cybernetic body has a few vulnerabilities. His face, devoid of any protective armor, is a prime target. Additionally, the power core on his back can be targeted for massive damage, especially during his charging sequences.

Where To Find Adam Smasher Secret Vault

Adam Smasher, the formidable Arasaka employee and final boss of Cyberpunk 2077, has a secret room location in Night City. This hideout not only offers players a glimpse into the character of this cybernetic behemoth but also houses valuable items, including the Legendary Ba Xing Chong and other weapons. Venturing into this hideout allows players to step into the personal space of their arch-enemy, making it a thrilling experience.

Location and Access

  1. Preparation: Before attempting to access the hideout, players should purchase the double jump cyberware. This will be essential for navigating the terrain and obstacles leading to the hideout.
  2. Starting Point: Begin by traveling to the docks in Night City.
  3. Entry Point: Upon reaching the docks, players will encounter a large gate that appears inaccessible. Instead of trying to open this gate, look to the left to find shipping containers. Jump onto these containers and then climb over the fence.
  4. Path to the Hideout: After entering the fenced area, take a right and follow the path until reaching another fence. Once again, players will need to jump over. After crossing, climb the yellow building nearby and jump to the opposite side of its roof.
  5. Final Steps: Descend the stairs leading to a ship. Take a left upon entering the ship and proceed to its rear. Here, players will find a door that serves as the entrance to Adam Smasher’s secret hideout.
  6. Inside the Hideout: Use the control buttons located to the left of the door to gain access. Inside, players will discover a range of intriguing items, with weapons prominently displayed at the room’s end on the right side.

Notable Items and Features

  • Legendary Ba Xing Chong: This is one of the standout items players can acquire from the hideout.
  • Armor and Weapons: Adam Smasher’s personal armor can be found here, along with a diverse arsenal of weapons.
  • Readables: For those interested in deepening their understanding of the game’s lore and characters, the hideout contains various readable items that provide additional context and background.

Kill Or Spare Adam Smasher

Once Smasher is down, you’re presented with a moral dilemma: to kill or spare him. The choice makes no difference at all and is mainly designed for a no-kill playthrough. The choice to kill or spare Adam Smasher in Cyberpunk 2077 is up to you but I do suggest you put an end to his tyranny if you’re not going for a no-kill playthrough.

How To Build The “Adam Smasher Build” In Cyberpunk 2077

This build is inspired by Adam Smasher, Night City’s own metal boogeyman. It allows players to wield light machine guns, fire off rocket projectiles via the Projectile Launch System, and play like a walking tank with high HP and armor. The build is agile, thanks to mobility perks, and is designed for players who want to jump right into the firefight.

Main Attributes

  • Body: This is the primary attribute for the build. It’s maxed out first to obtain heavy weapon and health regen perks. Key perks include “Die! Die! Die!” for powering up light machine guns and “Adrenaline Rush” for extra health.
  • Technical Ability: After maxing out Body, focus on Technical Ability to get faster health item cooldown and additional stat boosts from your cyberware. Perks like “Pyromania” synergize well with the Projectile Launch System.
  • Reflexes: This attribute helps in gaining mobility. However, stamina perks are skipped to maintain low stamina, which is crucial for certain heavy weapon perks.

Adam Smasher’s Secret Arsenal


  • MA70 HB: A powerful LMG ideal for tougher enemies and bosses.
  • Defender: Faster rate of fire and reload speed, perfect for mowing down multiple enemies.
  • Wild Dog (Phantom Liberty): An Iconic LMG that increases its fire rate as you target an enemy repeatedly.


  • Operating System: Militech “Apogee” Sandevistan, which slows time by 85% when active and provides various boosts like headshot damage, crit chance, and crit damage.
  • Projectile Launch System: Serves as your rocket launcher, getting boosts from Body perks like Pyromania.
  • Blood Pump: Instantly restores 90% of max health, crucial for this build.
  • Fortified Ankles: Allows charged jumps for greater distance, enabling you to mimic Smasher’s crushing slam.
  • Mechatronic Core: Increases damage against drones, robots, mechs, and turrets.
  • Adrenaline Converter: Boosts movement speed when entering combat.

Emulating Adam Smasher’s Playstyle

  • Sandevistan Abuse: Continuously eliminate enemies to reduce the cooldown of Sandevistan, allowing you to use it repeatedly.
  • Close Combat: LMGs can have accuracy issues, so try to be near enemies during fights to maximize damage.
  • Projectile Launch System Mastery: Position yourself strategically to stack five Pyromania instances, ensuring you always have a charge ready for your arm cyberware.
  • Ground Slam: Use Quake and Epicenter with Fortified Ankles to jump high and slam on the ground, reminiscent of Smasher’s iconic moves.

This is what you need to know about defeating Adam Smasher in Cyberpunk 2077. To learn more about the game, check out our Cyberpunk 2077 guides hub.