One of the collectibles you can find in Bayonetta 3 is Umbran Tears of Blood. You’ll find them scattered throughout the game, with three per chapter and 39. These collectibles come from crows, cats, and toads. In this guide, I’ll tell you Umbran Tears of Blood Locations in Bayonetta 3.

Umbran Tears of Blood Locations

Chapter 1 – Scrambling for Answers

  • Crow: Find the crow on the tunnel railing under Shibuya.
  • Cat: Find the Cat beneath the building in the Shibuya section.
  • Toad: Finish Verse #9 and hear the Toad. Follow the voice to get it.

Chapter 2 – City on Fire

  • Crow: Near Destroyed buildings, find a crow sitting on the spherical building.
  • Cat: The area where you find the crow, clear the vehicles to see the Cat.
  • Toad: On the left side of the twin tower, you will find the Toad.

Chapter 3 – A Sinking Feeling

  • Crow: In chapter 3’s beginning, find a crow at the building tops (ruined peak).
  • Cat: The point where you catch the crow and reach the next level to reveal the Cat.
  • Toad: You can find the Toad in the main area near the stony structures.

Chapter 4 – World’s Apart

  • Crow: Cross the bridge to find the crow perched atop the leftmost corner.
  • Cat: Find the Cat inside the building, which has damaged balconies.
  • Toad: The Toad is located on the central promenade, close to the door.

Chapter 5 – Hot Pursuit

  • Crow: Find the Crow near the entrance to Hell, right before the railings.
  • Cat: To find the cat, head straight from the small courtyard until you reach the upper level’s left.
  • Toad: Find the Toad on the tower rooftop.

Chapter 6 – Off The Rails

  • Crow: Go to the Gates Of Hell portal’s right side to find the tower with the crow resting atop.
  • Cat: There is a tunnel on the lava bridge, and follow it to find the Cat.
  • Toad: Complete the combat challenge in Verse #7 and find the Toad near the statue.

Chapter 7 – Burning Sands

  • Crow: Go straight from Verse #6 to reach the ledge and find the Crow.
  • Cat: Find the Cat In the Central area.
  • Toad: Directly after the Sand Waterfall, there will be a Toad between rocks.

Chapter 8 – A Croaking Chorus

  • Crow: Near the fifth treasure chest, you will find a bridge on its base. On the bridge, you will find a crow.
  • Cat: Use Baal’s poison rain to open the sealed door and find Cat sitting on the upper level near the pillars.
  • Toad: The Toad is found in the combat area near the waterfall between Verses #3 and Verse #4.

Chapter 9 – Learning to Fly

  • Crow: There is a windmill inside the giant room near Verse #5; you find the crow here.
  • Cat: From where you acquired Echoes of Memory, go right and near the exit to find the Cat.
  • Toad: If you go to Card Pack #1 and look in the pool, you will find a toad.

Chapter 10 – Cover of Night

  • Crow: If you go to Treasure Chest #3 left side, you will find crow.
  • Cat: The Cat is perched atop the subway entrance next to Verse #6.
  • Toad: In the small courtyard next to Verse #7, you will find the Toad.

Chapter 11 – A Familiar Dance

  • Crow: Bayo’s next cutscene is at the rubble; pick up the crow.
  • Cat: You earlier found Echoes of Memory #1 near the red canopies; the Cat will be in a similar vicinity.
  • Toad: The Toad is found on a ledge in the underground area.

Chapter 12 – The Edge of Madness

  • Crow: In Verse #3, you’ll hear Crow making noise while sitting on a rock.
  • Cat: Head towards the alley, which is left side, after collecting Treasure Chest #1 to find the Cat.
  • Toad: The Toad is located on the platform to the left of the main areas.

Chapter 13 – Kingdom of One

  • Crow: Near the stalagmite structure and reaching the ground, there is a chest next to the Chaotic Rift sequence. You will find a crow inside it.
  • Cat: The Cat is on the left side of the stalagmite structure, near the platform.
  • Toad: The Toad is located next to the stalagmite structure by the Chaotic Rift sequence.

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