Seeds are a currency used in the game to purchase consumables and cosmetic items. Halos are no longer the primary currency, so farming seeds has become much more important. Bayonetta 3 players must farm seeds because they play a role in overall progression. In this guide, let’s discuss the best seed farming tips for Bayonetta 3.

There are multiple ways to earn seeds but let’s start with the most basic one, enemy drops.

Kill Enemies to Earn Seeds: Homunculi enemies drop seeds every now and then, so killing them on sight is the best way to farm seeds. Simply playing the story mode and killing Homunculi is a great way to get seeds to purchase items.

Some Chapters Are Great for Farming: Some of the game’s chapters pit the player against swarms of Homunculi. These chapters are a great way to farm seeds, so make sure to replay such chapters. For example, the first chapter of the game is great for seed farming as it features a good chunk of open-world sections where you can find seeds by simply roaming in the area and killing enemies.

Get High Combat Ratings: At the end of each chapter, you get a combat rating based on how well you did. Aim for high combat scores through faster mission completion, taking no damage during the battle, and combo efficiency.

That’s everything you need to know, but visit our Bayonetta 3 guides hub for more content before you go.

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