The Pannus is the jellyfish boss you’ll fight at the end of Bayonetta 3, Chapter 1. It’s not your average opponent, equipped with special search moves and attacks, in a nutshell, this battle could be challenging, but if you follow this guide, taking down this Pannus will be easy peasy.

Pannus Boss Fight

Pannus employs the following attacks during battle:

  • Explode
  • Lay Mines
  • Charge
  • Spin Attack

Explode Attack: During the small size form, the Pannus will explode. Avoid being hit by the explosion, or use your mobility to dodge it.

Lay Mines Attack: When the Pannus reaches its full size, it’s time to lay some mines. In other words, the Pannus will fly around the battlefield and place explosive mines all over. The best way to avoid this attack is to stay far away from the mines.

ChargeAttack: The Pannus will attempt to attack Bayonetta with a charge in this attack. Since all charge attacks follow the path of least resistance, you can dodge them out of the way. You can use Witch Time as a countermove against them if timed correctly.

Attack Spin Attack: If you stay too close to Pannus for a prolonged period, it will unleash a quick spin attack that can take you down. The best thing to do is jump and dodge.

How to Beat Pannus

Witch Time Attack and speed are your two best weapons against Pannus. Witch Time will let you hit Pannus while it’s in the air, inflicting much damage. Another thing to keep in mind is that when fighting jellyfish, speed is really the only thing giving you an advantage over your opponent. Try to avoid obstacles like G-Pillar, which will slow you down–instead, use My World to your benefit.

The Pannus can split themselves into smaller forms, which is why you see three Pannus at the beginning of the fight. If they manage to split again, there could be up to eight total by the end. Be sure to kill each jellyfish carefully.

Note: The Demon Slaves are not effective against the Pannus at close range. Even if you want the Demon Slaves to exist still, use any of the default Bayonetta 3 weapons.

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