After seeds, the next primary currency in Bayonetta 3 is orbs. This currency is far more critical to farming than seeds because this one is used to make upgrades to your weapons, skills, and Demon Slave abilities. In this guide, let’s discuss everything you need to know on how to farm orbs in Bayonetta 3.

There are two ways to farm orbs but let’s start with the basic one, replaying chapters.

Replay Chapters: As I also suggested in the seeds farming guide, the best way to farm currencies in Bayonetta 3 is to replay chapters. Especially the chapters that pit you against waves of enemies. Avoid doing chapters that involve puzzles.

Mallet of Rewards: This is an accessory you can unlock with seeds to increase the number of orbs you get from combo points. Mattel of Rewards is available for purchase at Rodin’s shop.

Combo Points: Accumulating more combo points in battles is a great way to earn extra orbs. Chain together moves to create combos and avoid taking damage in battles.

Orbs are shown at the top right section of the screen via what looks like a pink skull icon. When you have enough orbs to make an upgrade, go to the main menu, where you can use orbs to enhance your weapons and gear.

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