As we all know, Bayonetta is one of the most stylish characters in gaming. Her over-the-top personality and outlandish fashion sense perfectly match her powerful combat skills. But did you know there’s more to Bayonetta than just looking good and kicking butt?

In Bayonetta 3, our titular heroine has access to various witchy accomplishments called ‘Bewitchments.’ The Bewitchments can be unlocked when you clear a chapter. This guide will look at all Bewitchments available in Bayonetta 3.

Bayonetta 3 Bewitchments Locations

Bewitchment: Prologue (A Chaotic Encounter)

To earn your first Bewitchment, you’ll need to finish the Prologue. Be strategic during the deck battle and avoid Kraken’s ink clouds and areas of erasure. Use Gomorrah’s Gripping Bite on Cumulonimbus, and then use Gomorrah 5x to damage Kraken’s tentacle.

Bewitchment: Chapter 1 (Scrambling For Answers)

While riding Gomorrah and holding the hamburger, you can clear away three barriers of your choice. After you enter the Shibuya landmark, walk to the train and look for 5 Stratus. Defeat them, and then take down Pannus before it separates.

Bewitchment: Chapter 2 (City on Fire)

Use a monitor to watch MC Enzo’s show, and then switch your form into Infernal demon mode to frighten the cats. To prevent Asperatus from moving, you must use three times as many Webs while riding a Phantasmaraneae.

Bewitchment: Chapter 3 (A Sinking Feeling)

To progress, remove the Halos from the big lantern. However, to keep yourself safe, you need to dodge upcoming trains. Use 3x SinGomorrah’s flames to strike Arch-Iridescent and split Iridescent Core.

Bewitchment: Chapter 4 (Worlds Apart)

The only way to make it through the lava to the Lotus Field in Ginnungagap is by using Phantasmaraneae Masquerade. Without it, you’ll get stuck. So instead, use Congestus’ split Virga and switch into Infernal Demon form to strike Mediocris three times.

Bewitchment: Chapter 5 (Hot Pursuit)

Reach the building tops; otherwise, the fire will burn you. After you defeat an enemy using only your fists, quickly scale the ladder before Luka gets there. At the top, break open the Volutus.

Bewitchment: Chapter 6 (Off the Rails)

Before you reach the broken path, you need to hold yourself over the lava wheel for at least 5 seconds. Don’t let debris consume you; make sure to bounce off Arch-Pyrocumulous 3 times. The only way to dispel Pyrocumulous is by using Phantasmaraneae.

Bewitchment: Chapter 7 (Burning Sands)

You will need to touch the mirage of Cheshire at least three times to find the treasure in the desert. Then, after looking into Enzo Mural for three seconds, Go to the quicksand river and defeat the Uncinus’. Then, again repeat the taking down step two more times.

Bewitchment: Chapter 8 (A Croaking Chorus)

The objective is to reach the windmill tower, climb it, and find the temple. After entering, take down five Baal statues and reach the hidden room where Castellanus’s core is attached. Then, use Baal’s poison rain to take down Murus.

Bewitchment Chapter 9 (Learning to Fly)

You will need to confront 20 Malphas demons, but take care not to get hurt. Keep yourself safe while clearing the erasure clouds. Before starting the battle, first, finish sand sliding. During the battle on top of Pacts tower, you must perform at least 5x hits.

Bewitchment: Chapter 10 (Cover of Night)

You’ll need to step on 10x stained glass shards to reach the stone tower and find the Thule. Once you’re at the Ginnungagap, be careful of Strider while making your way to take down mall Golems.

Bewitchment: Chapter 11 (A Familiar Dance)

To find the hidden item in the underground tunnel, you must first reach Mictlantecuhtli, where you will defeat Rosa. After that, take care of 50x Lacunosus.

Bewitchment: Chapter 12 (The Edge of Madness)

Clear all the 5x buses, and then take down Bayonetta using Umbran Clock Tower. Be patient until Baal Zebul is done. Afterward, go to the tunnel on the ground floor, where you must fight all remaining enemies. While riding Gomorrah, shoot down any helicopters in sight.

Bewitchment: Chapter 13 (Kingdom of One)

As you explore Ginnungagap, 25 lotuses will gather. As a result, Madama Butterly can use Perfect Witch Time 5x. Be careful of Dark Adam’s attacks and use Madama Butterfly’s Flutter Kiss to take down Aureole. Destroy all enemies in your way as you reach the collapsing Ginnungagap.

Bewitchment: Chapter 14 (A Single Truth)

Use Crow within your Bayo 1 attack on the 5x Singularity Definition. Then, safely end the Singularity Chaos fight. Now it’s to watch the end of Bayonetta. Lastly, to earn the last Bewitchment, you need to defeat Homunculus.

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