“Witch Hearts” are a key ingredient in crafting the single or full Witch Hearts in Bayonetta 3. They can also be used to upgrade your health. In this guide, I’ll show you where to find all the Witch Hearts in Bayonetta 3.

All Witch Hearts Locations

Chapter 1 – Scrambling For Answers

Witch Heart #1: You will find the first Witch Heart in an open area while playing Verse #2. Use Gomorrah’s bite 3x to earn it.

Witch Heart #2: You will know you are finishing Verse #3 when you take a left turn and see a massive floating key. Walk towards the waterfall and unlock the door to retrieve your Wich Hear.

Witch Heart #3: You will find a secluded path at the bottom of the road after you Rodin for a demonic pulse. As a result, you will get your Wich Heart.

Witch Heart #4: The game will notify you when the first scurried is available. The exact location of the scurrier is in the tunnel where the crash is sited; go there to get Wich Heart.

Chapter 2 – City On Fire

Witch Heart #5: On the left-hand side, you can find the Witch Heart at the beginning of Chapter 2. Let Phantasmaraneae grab it for you when she’s available.

Witch Heart #6: Reach the open area near the Umbran Crow so that “Time Trial” opens, and you will earn Witch Heart.

Witch Heart #7: On the North Side of the Umbran Crow, there is a wall where you find the Witch Heart hanging over.

Witch Heart #8: Finish the Verse #4 fight scene and explore the nearby areas to get Witch Heart.

Chapter 3 – A Sinking Feeling

Witch Heart #9: By following the cat, you will reach the building’s opposite side, and at the top, the Scurrier will give you Broken Heart.

Witch Heart #10: Take down the robot to get its chest on which you find the Witch Heart.

Witch Heart #11: To get the Witch Heart, travel to Verse #5 and complete the level.

Chapter 4 – A World’s Apart

Witch Heart #12: After you finish your first battle, walk to the left edge of the cliff. You will find a chest with a time trial on the platform.

Witch Heart #13: The Witch Heart is obtainable by finishing the challenge and using Crimson Rim Charge. Then, when you get to Verse #7, there will be a weapon that you can use to clear everything out with one hit.

Witch Heart #14: There is a building in front of you that you need to reach to get Witch Heart.

Chapter 5 – Hot Pursuit

Witch Heart #15: Finish off Verse #7 challenge and bead the regeneration ability to get Witch Heart.

Witch Heart #16: Strike the chest with all your might when you see it moving to receive a Witch Heart.

Chapter 6 – Off The Rails

Witch Heart #17: Strike the chest with all your might to finish off the “Time” challenge and then gather its pieces to receive a Witch Heart.

Witch Heart #18: There are many chests in Verse #5’s challenge portal. From the first chest, get the magic source, and use Infernal Demon to break open the chests. Doing so will result in receiving the Witch Heart.

Chapter 7 – Burning Sands

Witch Heart #19: Proceed along the main path and find a moving platform on your right. This will take you to the chest containing the Witch Heart.

Witch Heart #20: In Verse #7, building, you find plenty of collectibles, one of which is the being Witch Heart. To get it, to reach the two pillars with the red thing.

Witch Heart #21: Climb the stairs to reach the top of the building and find a chest. Inside will be the Witch Heart.

Chapter 8 – A Croaking Chorus

Witch Heart #22: Make your way to the beginning of Verse #1 and keep going until you reach the top. You’ll find a chest with magic there – this will let you use your demon attack. Use your attack to break open the chest buried in the sand, and inside you’ll find a Witch Heart.

Witch Heart #23: To find the Witch Heart, go to the temple with an Umbran Cat and look for a chest. Then, use Infernal Demon Attack to smash it open and retrieve the Heart.

Witch Heart #24: To obtain Witch Heart, complete Ball’s Rain Song Combat challenge in Verse #6.

Chapter 9 – Learning To Fly

Witch Heart #25: Find the Malphas Hanging at the temple’s top and complete Verse #3 to get Witch Heart.

Witch Heart #26: As you complete your Verse #8 combat challenge in the room, you will receive a Broken Witch Heart for your work.

Chapter 10 – Cover of Night

Witch Heart #27: From the tower top, cross the bridge to find Summon Barrier. Behind a small turret is a door that can be unlocked with a key collected earlier. After entering, smash the chest inside to get Witch Heart.

Witch Heart #28: Reach the moving platforms to active “Time Trail Puzzle,” and you will get Witch Heart as a reward.

Witch Heart #29: Walk towards the main Parisian strip on your left, which will take you to Verse #7 portal combat challenge point. Here you will find Witch Heart.

Chapter 11 – A Familiar Dance

Witch Heart #30: Reach the Gates of Hell portal opposite side to find a chest. The first chest will take you to a floating platform where you can grab another chest. In this second chest, you’ll find a magic source that will help you perform your demon attack on the third chest—and once that’s broken open, it’ll give you Witch Heart.

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