A figure box is a special type of item that can be found in Bayonetta 3. These boxes will unlock new art to view in the game’s gallery when collected. Each chapter has its own figure boxes. In this guide, I’ll tell you the location of the Bayonetta 3 All Figure Box Locations.

Bayonetta 3 Figure Box Locations

Chapter 1 Figure Box Locations

Location #1: The First Figure is located on the Western Coast. To find it, follow the ledge over the mountains to find the Figure Box on top.

Location #2: There is a Time puzzle box in the Shibuya Area, and if you look closely, you will find a Figure Box hiding in the corner.

Location #3:  You need to hitch a ride at the Curved Building in the stip area at Verse #7’s location to reach the top and get the third Figure box.

Chapter 2 Figure Box Locations

Location #4: Enter the broken train carriage on the tracks in chapter 2 to find the fourth Figure Box inside.

Location #5: The fifth Figure Box is on the banked side of Second Route – Verse #7 Highway.

Location #6: At the top of the twin towers is a treasure chest that you need to break open and take by following the map to find the sixth Figure Box.

Chapter 3 Figure Box Locations

Locations #7: You’ll find an abandoned building at the beginning of the chapter. Nearby, you’ll see the seventh Figure Box.

Location #8: Finish verse 5 and return to the starting point. The eight Figure Box will be there.

Location #9: Travel on top of the building at the start of the Verse #6 sections after completing it. In this section, you must dodge the trains emerging from the tunnel.

Additional Mission 1 – The Crimson Shadow

Location #10: Use a vent to avoid a twin laser and get your tenth Figure Box.

Location #11: The eleventh figure box can be found at the water-level exit of Crimson Shadows.

Chapter 4 Figure Box Locations

Location #12: At the end of Verse #1, you will find an archway on your left leading to a twelfth Figure Box at the edge of a mountain.

Location #13: Once you complete Verse #2, reach the Central Towers top and find the thirteenth Figure Box.

Location #14: Near the thirteenth Figure Box, in the courtyard area, you will find the fourteenth Figure Box.

Location #15: At the Toad location near a small lave in the Central Pomegrenade, you will find the fifteenth Figure Box.

Location #16: Access the building with the hole by completing Verse #7 and the Time Manipulation puzzle. Inside, you will find a floating platform above a broken floor. Halfway across, you will find the sixteenth Figure Box.

Chapter 5 Figure Box Locations

Location #17: You will find the seventeenth Figure Box by completing Verse #4 and then accessing the Umbran Cat sitting at the upper level. The cat will take you down to where you need to go.

Location #18: The Eighteenth Figure Box is located near the seventeenth box jump inside the wall, which will take you to the Courtyard.

Location #19: You will find the nineteenth Figure Box on the Right Side near some destroyed walls in the Courtyard.

Location #20: Make a swing near the nineteenth Figure Box to find the twenty Figure Box.

Location #21: At the beginning of Verse #6, you will find the twenty-one Figure Box.

Location #22: Find the bridge after you finish Verse #7. Underneath it, there will be twenty-second Figure Boxes.

Location #23: Complete Verse #9 to get your twenty-third Figure Box underneath the wooden platform.

Chapter 6 Figure Box Locations

Location #24: Complete Verse #1 and reach the main Courtyard to find the twenty-fourth Figure Box.

Location #25: Complete Verse #2 and reach the starting point of Chapter 6 to find the twenty-fifth Figure Box.

Location #26: Complete Verse #3 and build a bridge to reach the other side and get the twenty-sixth Figure. Again, the Gomorrah will help you out with this task.

Location #27: Near the twenty-sixth box, you will find the twenty-seventh Figure Box.

Location #28: Enable Phantasmaraneae mode before going after the twenty-eighth Figure Box. The box is floating over the lava in the middle of the bridge.

Location #29: Once you finish the Verse #8 battle and reach the arena’s top, you will find the twenty-ninth Figure Box.

Side Mission 2 – The Lynx Strikes

Location #30: Firstly complete all the side quests, The Lynx Strikes, and then jump into the water to find the thirteenth Figure Box.

Chapter 7 Figure Box Locations

Location #31: At the beginning of Chapter 7, reach the bridge opposite to get to the thirty-first Figure Box.

Location #32: After you complete Verse #7, explore the nearby areas to find the thirty-second Figure Box.

Location #33: The next step after completing Verse #7 is to find and balance the pillars so that the hidden room opens. Doing so will allow you to get the thirty-third Figure Box.

Chapter 8 Figure Box Locations

Location #34: After you finish the third Verse, you will see a moving platform. At the end of this platform, you will find the thirty-fourth Figure. The Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo will help you with this task.

Location #35: Climb the Windmill towers by transforming into spider form to reach the top of the second building. Doing so will reveal your thirty-fifth Figure Box.

Location #36: Exploring Windmill towers will help you find the bridge as its underneath area has a thirty-sixth Figure Box.

Location #37: You will need to ask Bayonetta and Ball for help so that you may enter the hidden room at the temple top. Once inside, you will find the thirty-seventh Figure Box.

Chapter 9 Figure Box Locations

Location #38: At the starting point of Chapter 9, you will find the thirty-eight Figure Box.

Location #39: Complete Verse #2 So you reach the temple and find the thirty-ninth Figure Box.

Location #40: You need to finish Verse $5 so that you can unlock the room with your forty Figure Box. The locked room is located behind the Sarcophagus Room.

Location #41: Complete Verse #8 and go inside the next room, where you will find the forty-one Figure Box.

Chapter 10 Figure Box Locations

Location #42: Reach the moving platform end to access the forty-two Figure Box.

Chapter 11 Figure Box Locations

Location #43: Your final and forty-third Figure Box is located at starting point of Verse #1.

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