In the dark, rain-soaked streets of Gotham, Batman stands as a beacon of hope against the ever-growing tide of crime. But even the Dark Knight needs an edge, and that’s where the WayneTech Arsenal comes into play. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to harness the full power of Batman’s tech in Batman Arkham Knight.


Right from the get-go, Batman is equipped with a state-of-the-art Batsuit and Batmobile, courtesy of Lucius Fox’s innovations at WayneTech. These aren’t just for show; they come with built-in upgrades that give Batman a head start in his quest for justice.

The WayneTech Upgrade System

  • Accessing Upgrades: Dive into the WayneTech pane in the game’s menu to explore and purchase available upgrades.
  • Earning WayneTech Upgrade Points: Engage in the game’s myriad activities, be it main story missions, side quests, combat scenarios, or solving the Riddler’s enigmatic puzzles. Each action grants XP, which accumulates to earn you WayneTech Upgrade Points.

Diverse Upgrade Categories

  • Combat Abilities: Enhance Batman’s martial prowess, unlocking new moves and combos.
  • Batsuit: Boost Batman’s defense and agility with suit enhancements.
  • Batmobile: Upgrade both Pursuit Mode for high-speed chases and Battle Mode for intense combat scenarios.
  • Tech Gadgets: Equip Batman with advanced tools to outsmart and overpower foes.
  • Skill Gadgets: Improve Batman’s innate abilities, making him a more formidable detective and fighter.

Types of Upgrades: From Incremental to Game-Changing

  • Incremental Upgrades: These offer minor improvements, such as additional armor for the Batsuit or Batmobile.
  • Situational Upgrades: Specific tools or functions that come in handy in particular scenarios.
  • Major Boosts: Some upgrades significantly enhance Batman’s capabilities. For instance:
    • Special Combo Boost: Reduces the hits needed for your first Special Takedown from eight to five in FreeFlow Combos.
    • Special Combo Multi Ground Takedown: Allows Batman to knock out multiple downed enemies in one go during combat.
    • Fear Multi-Takedown: In predator scenarios, this upgrade lets Batman silently take down four or five guards simultaneously.
    • Dodge Thruster Boost: A Batmobile upgrade that doubles the Battle Mode Batmobile’s dodge ability, proving invaluable against drones.

Harnessing the WayneTech Arsenal is crucial for Batman’s success in “Arkham Knight.” With the right upgrades and a strategic approach, players can ensure that the Dark Knight remains Gotham’s undefeated protector.


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