Baldur’s Gate 3, developed by Larian Studios, is a role-playing game that has captivated the hearts of many with its intricate storylines, dynamic characters, and immersive gameplay. One of the standout features of the game is the relationship dynamics between the main character and their companions. Building and maintaining these relationships is crucial, as it can influence the course of the game. One such companion that players can recruit and build a rapport with is Wyll. This guide aims to provide insights into gaining Wyll’s approval and understanding his character in-depth.


Who Is Wyll?

Wyll is a human warlock with a mysterious past that intertwines with a dangerous pact made with a devil. This pact grants him power but at a significant personal cost. As players delve deeper into his backstory, they’ll discover the reasons behind his decisions and the internal conflicts he faces. Wyll is not just a powerful ally in battles; he’s also a character filled with depth, emotions, and a compelling storyline. His interactions are influenced by the choices players make throughout the game, making it essential to understand his personality and preferences. As with other companions in Baldur’s Gate 3, building a strong relationship with Wyll can unlock unique dialogues, quests, and even influence the game’s ending.

Building a bond with Wyll and understanding his character can greatly enhance the Baldur’s Gate 3 experience. This guide will delve deeper into the nuances of his character and provide tips on gaining his approval.

Actions That Increase Wyll’s Approval In Baldur’s Gate 3

AreaAction / Decision
Druid GroveUse an athletics check to show combat moves to Guex.

Convince Kagha to spare Arabella’s life.

After the incident with Arabella, label Kagha as a monster during your conversation.

Engage with Alfira by either playing alongside her, persuading her to perform her song, or assisting her in completing the lyrics if you’re a Bard.

Upon exposing her scheme, persuade Kagha to oppose the Shadow Druids.

When confronting Kagha about her conspiracy, declare your intention to battle her.

After halting the ritual, discuss the event with Zevlor and express your willingness to assist.
Between Blighted Village Proper And Druid GroveTell Scratch the dog that he can join you at the camp if his friend doesn’t wake up.
Blighted VillageAgree to Wyll’s strategy, confirming that you’ll knock out Fezzerk, the goblin.

Allow Wyll to talk to Fezzerk.

Be the one to deliver the final blow to Fezzerk.
Risen Road – Waukeen’s RestUpon your initial encounter with Karlach, select any dialogue option that doesn’t indicate you were dispatched by the paladins. Subsequently, succeed in either an Intimidation or Persuasion check.

Give your support to Karlach in her conflict against the Tyr Paladins.

After committing to assist Karlach, directly tell Anders of your intentions to aid her or kill him.

Utilize the Bard’s Persuasion skill to convince Rugan to hand over their cargo.

After rescuing Counsellor Florrick, express your desire to search for Duke Ravenguard.

Save Benryn in Waukeen’s Rest. Due to a fire you will have a short time to save Benryn. It is best to save your game before this sequence.
Sunlit WetlandsAssist Auntie Ethel when Johl and Demir confront her.

Upon discovering Auntie Ethel’s deceit, inform Johl and Demir during your interaction that you’ll help them in locating Mayrina.

Start a confrontation with Auntie Ethel by attempting to save Mayrina.
Goblin CampWhen you bump into Sentinel Olak at the entrance of the Goblin Camp, trick him or use your knowledge of nature. Then, express disbelief with “You can’t be serious,” and toss feces at the guards.

After winning Chicken Chase, persuade Krolla to hand over your winnings without using to illithid powers. Later, befriend the Owlbear Cub and, when asking Krollo if you can take the cub to camp, use your illithid power.

Befriend and invite the Owlbear cub to your camp. This happens in the Goblin Camp, but remember not to harm the Owlbear in the cave.

After chatting with the Owlbear cub, get Krolla to hand over the cub without paying. Paying won’t win you any favors. Again, this is in the Goblin Camp, and you shouldn’t have harmed the Owlbear in the cave.

Boldly demand that Novice Crusher kisses your foot, using intimidation.

On your second attempt, use intimidation again to make Novice Crusher kiss your foot.

After telling Novice Crusher, “I’d rather spit in your face,” and besting him in combat, make him kiss your foot.

After the confrontation with Novice Crusher, where you told him off and defeated him, consider finishing him. But be warned, this will provoke the entire camp.

In the Shattered Sanctum with Wyll in your group, show interest in the game the three goblins are playing about a blade. They’re to the left of the spiderpit room. If you’re facing Dror Ragzlin’s room, they’re on your left. If you encounter a religious goblin in a cage, you’re on the right track.

During your chat with the goblin trio, Wyll will suggest attacking them. Side with him and get ready for a fight. They’re located as previously described, to the left of the spiderpit room.

Inform Minthara that you’re aware of the grove’s location, but succeed in an intelligence check to keep the exact location a secret.

Engage in combat with Minthara.

Wyll doesn’t agree with torturing Liam.

Confront True Soul Gut with Wyll by your side and initiate a fight.

Upon your first encounter with Halsin, assure him that you’ll assist him against the goblins.

Advise Halsin to remain in the Worg Pens.
Camp CelebrationSpeak with Wyll.

Ask him to dance.

Tell him that he doesn’t unsettle you.
UnderdarkSpeak with Restless Myconid and explain the truth about parasite and how you want a safe passage.

Tell Baelen that you’ll help him find his bag.

Tell the Restless Myconid that you are a traveler seeking adventure.
Last Light InnHave some wine with Jaheira.
1-1 Conversation At CampInquire about his journey to becoming the Blade of Frontiers.
When he shares the story of how he became the Blade of Frontiers, respond with, “What act could be finer than saving a life? You must have felt proud.”

During your first evening chat at camp, suggest that maybe there’s something unique about you, or at least about your tadpoles.

Successfully persuade Lae’zel to calm down during the first evening’s tadpole dream.

Express remorse over your decision after experiencing the third dream.

Decline the offer made by the devil, also known as Cambion or Raphael.

After your chat with the devil, tell Wyll, “Spare me parable, I have no intentions of taking the Deal”

Give Scratch, the camp dog, some affection.

Pet both the owlbear and Scratch when they bond.

During Wyll’s revealing conversation about Mizura, the following responses earn approval:

“All right – go ahead”
“So you were tricked?”
“I won’t act like I wont take the offer”

Actions That Decrease Wyll’s Approval In Baldur’s Gate 3

  1. When Asharak wants to address the Tiefling children, respond with, “Bad News Children, You are all going to die”
  2. Tell Zevlor, sorry, I’ve got other priorities right now.
  3. After halting the ritual, discuss it with Zevlor and remark, “This isn’t my problem”
  4. Yell at the corpse of Scratch’s friend to emphasize he’s truly gone.
  5. Unlock the barn door where the Bugbear and Ogre are.
  6. Accept Auntie Ethel’s proposition.
  7. When Sentinel Olak suggests it, rub dung on your face.
  8. Inform Tracker Grikka that you can extract information from the captive.
  9. Disclose the precise whereabouts of the grove to Minthara.
  10. Intervene and save Sazza during her conflict with Arka in the makeshift jail.
  11. Successfully interrogate Liam using harsh methods.
  12. If you decide to intrude on the intimate moment between the two trolls in the Blighted Village.
  13. After confronting Crusher with “I’d Sooner spit in your face” and defeating him, offer him a hand up.
  14. Engage in malicious acts.
  15. Persuade Nightwarden Minthara to let Sazza go. (Quest: Rescue the Goblin Sazza)
  16. Consent to unlocking the gate for the goblin invaders.
  17. After using the wand on Mayrina’s spouse, tell Astarion, “it was funny”
  18. Be aware that he’ll abandon you if you ally with the goblins.
  19. Decide to spare Fezzerk after your interrogation.
  20. Negotiate with Auntie Ethel to extract the tadpole from your head (Quest: Seek Auntie Ethel’s Assistance).
  21. The morning after Astarion’s biting attempt, express that you still value him.
  22. Be cautious; getting intimate with Mizora will infuriate Wyll.
  23. Even just flirting with Mizora will upset Wyll.


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