Wisdom, one of the six pivotal Ability Scores in Baldur’s Gate 3, encapsulates a character’s senses, intuition, and spiritual insight. While Ability Scores in traditional Dungeons and Dragons range from 3-18, Baldur’s Gate 3 offers a starting range of 8-15, which can be enhanced up to 17 with racial bonuses.


Although Ability Scores don’t directly impact gameplay, their associated modifiers play a crucial role in influencing various game aspects, from Attack Rolls to spell potency.

Wisdom’s Significance For Clerics And Druids

For Clerics and Druids, Wisdom is the cornerstone. It not only determines their spellcasting prowess but also enhances skills like Animal Handling, Insight, Medicine, Perception, and Survival.

How Wisdom Works In Baldur’s Gate 3

  1. Skills Enhancement: Wisdom modifiers can either boost or reduce the effectiveness of several skills. These include:
    • Animal Handling: Understanding and influencing creatures.
    • Insight: Discerning intentions and detecting lies.
    • Medicine: Administering first aid and understanding illnesses.
    • Perception: Noticing hidden objects or sensing imminent danger.
    • Survival: Navigating terrain, predicting weather, or hunting.
  2. Saving Throws: Your Wisdom modifier is added to Wisdom Saving Throws, determining your resistance to certain magical effects or spells.
  3. Spellcasting for Clerics and Druids: Wisdom is the primary spellcasting Ability Score for Clerics and Druids. Its significance is threefold:
    • Determining Spell Potency: The efficacy of a spell, represented by its Saving Throw, is calculated as 8 + Proficiency + Wisdom modifier. A higher Saving Throw makes it challenging for adversaries to resist or avoid your spells.
    • Enhancing Spell Accuracy: Attack Rolls with spells benefit from the Wisdom modifier. Thus, spells with an Attack Roll have a higher hit probability.
    • Versatility in Spell Preparation: Clerics and Druids inherently know all their class spells. However, they must choose which ones to prepare. The total number of spells they can prepare is the sum of their character level and Wisdom modifier, offering a broader repertoire of spells for higher Wisdom scores.

Wisdom Score And Modifier

Wisdom ScoreModifier

Historical Perspective On Wisdom

In past Baldur’s Gate titles, Wisdom often vied with Charisma as the most overlooked stat. Its primary advantage was its contribution to Saving Throws. However, for those playing as a Cleric or Druid, Wisdom was always held in high regard. In Baldur’s Gate 3, this sentiment remains. Clerics and Druids rely on their Wisdom modifier to enhance their spells’ Saving Throws and Attack Rolls. Although bonus spells aren’t tied to the Wisdom score anymore, the modifier still dictates the variety of spells one can prepare, making it indispensable for these classes.



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