Ketheric Thorm, a necromancer, reigns over the Shadow-Cursed Lands in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3. His mastery over death makes him a challenging adversary, but with the right strategy, you can overcome him.


If you’ve ensured Jaheira’s safety, she can be a valuable ally against Thorm. The Harpers will attack Moonrise Towers, and Jaheira will express her desire to lead her force. Convincing her to join your party turns her into a controllable follower. After the first phase of the battle against Thorm, you can ask Jaheira to become a full-fledged companion. However, she remains indispensable until Thorm’s defeat.

Confrontation with the Cult of the Absolute

Before facing Thorm, you’ll engage in a battle against the Cult of the Absolute in the vicinity of the tower. With the Harpers by your side, you’ll face numerous cultists. Among them, Disciple Z’rell stands out due to her devastating Black Hole spell. This spell pulls and slows multiple units, often followed by AoE spells from other enemy casters. Utilizing AoE spells like Ice Storm, Fireball, and Guardian of Faith can help you manage the crowd. Victory here rewards you with rare items, Soul Coins, and Mind Flayer Parasite Specimens.

Ketheric Thorm Boss Fight Phase 1

Reaching the tower’s pinnacle initiates the first phase of your encounter with Thorm. He’s accompanied by a skeleton dog, a cultist, and several Necrolites. Thorm’s Incubate Death spell can be troublesome as it spawns a Necrolite on the subsequent turn. If you’ve rescued the Nightsong, she’ll aid you in this battle, delivering powerful blows to Thorm. Once Thorm’s health is reduced to 40%, a cinematic will play, showing a massive tentacle capturing the Nightsong and Thorm fleeing the scene.


The Mind Flayer Colony Beneath Moonrise Towers

Beneath Moonrise Towers lies a Mind Flayer Colony. Here, you’ll find several pods containing Mind Flayers and NPCs, including Zevlor. Opening these pods can provide additional allies for the upcoming battles. Another room houses a pod imprisoning the devil Mizora. Releasing her can free Wyll from his pact, but it requires a successful Strength check. Alternatively, pulling a lever results in Mizora’s death and Wyll’s permanent departure from your party.

Other Tips

  • One strategy involves targeting groups of Necromites (skeletons) with Area of Effect (AoE) spells.
  • Players should direct their melee fighters towards Ketheric Thorm.
  • The objective is to reduce Ketheric’s health to around 30-40%.
  • Concurrently, it’s crucial to eliminate the cultist.

Ketheric Thorm Boss Fight Phase 2

The second phase of the battle against Thorm takes place in an arena. The Nightsong is chained at the back, and you can free her to assist in the battle. Thorm’s Incubate Death spell continues to be a menace, spawning numerous Necrolites. Once Thorm’s health is depleted, he transforms into the Apostle of Myrkul, a skeletal giant with enhanced abilities. His Bone Chill aura prevents healing, and he can consume a Necrolite to unleash the deadly Finger of Death spell. Rapid damage output and AoE spells like Spirit Guardians and Moonbeam can help you prevail.

Other Tips

  • Players should have one of their characters utilize the Misty-Step spell.
  • This spell allows the character to teleport past the Intellect Devourers.
  • Once in position, players can target these creatures with another AoE spell.
  • Upon reaching Nightsong, the “help” action can be used to free her.
  • It’s recommended to send one melee character to the platform to confront Ketheric directly, while another focuses on Isobel.
  • Before transitioning to the next phase, it’s beneficial to defeat as many enemies as possible.

Ketheric Thorm Boss Fight Phase 3

After receiving a blessing from Myrkul, Ketheric Thorm undergoes a transformation into a massive bone abomination, taking center stage. This phase presents its own set of challenges:

  • Ketheric remains stationary, not moving from his spot.
  • The primary challenge here is the Bone-Chill effect, which players experience when they get healed.
  • To counteract this, players should split their party, positioning ranged characters on the platforms.
  • It’s also advised not to group melee fighters together, to avoid collective damage.

Should You Spare Ketheric Thorm?

Upon reaching the rooftop after neutralizing Thorm’s immortality source, he’ll engage in a dialogue with your party. Two potential responses involve skill checks: a DC 21 Intimidation check and a DC 10 Persuasion check. To unlock the Persuasion check, players must uncover the fate of Ketheric’s wife, Melodia. Regardless of your choices, a boss battle ensues. However, succeeding in these checks can provide advantages in the subsequent confrontation in the Mind Flayer Colony. If you pass the skill checks during the rooftop conversation, another Persuasion check (DC 18) becomes available later. Succeeding convinces Thorm to leap into a pit, but the final stage of the boss fight remains inevitable. Opting to spare Thorm can conserve resources and spells, making the subsequent battle slightly more manageable.


Note: Killing Ketheric Thorm earns Minthara’s approval.

Rewards for Defeating Ketheric Thorm

Upon Ketheric Thorm’s defeat, players are rewarded with:

  • Ketheric’s Warhammer: Deals 3-15 damage with a +1 enhancement and inflicts 1d4 psychic damage.
  • Ketheric’s Shield: Offers +2 armor class, +1 to spell save DC and attack rolls, and a Shield Bash reaction.
  • Reaper’s Embrace: Provides +19 armor class, reduces incoming magical damage by 2, and includes the Howl of the Dead cantrip.

Additionally, players obtain Ketheric’s Journal, revealing his tragic backstory and connection to the Harpers.