Baldur’s Gate 3 Skills Guide

Baldur’s Gate 3 Skills Guide

There are over a dozen skills that you can use in Baldur’s Gate 3. These skills essentially determine how well you’re able to execute various in-game actions be they lying, convincing another character, understanding religion, etc. Another important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that you confuse skills with abilities – abilities are basically attributes. Skills are further divided into active skills and passive skills. In this guide, we’ve provided an overview of all the different skills in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Skills

Before we begin, do note that the guide is currently a work-in-progress. We’ll continue to update the guide with more info. in the coming days.


Arcana The skill governs your knowledge about spells, magic, symbols, items, and other things related to magic and sorcery.
History All the knowledge regarding historical events, personalities, wars, pacts, etc. trickles down to this skill. The better you’re at it, the more accurately will you be able to recall them.
Religion This skill determines how knowledgeable you’re regarding different religions, their gods, rituals, prayers, symbols, cults, books, etc.
Investigation Your ability to gather clues regarding something or to research in order to find a piece of information solely relies on your investigation skill.
Nature This determines how well-versed you’re with the nature. Be it knowing all about animal species of a particular area, wildlife, weather, or terrain – it all comes down to the skill.


Athletics The skill governs your ability to jump, run, vault, swim, climb, etc. more effectively.


Acrobatics This determines how well you’re able to stand your ground – literally! Being able to walk steadily on ice, balancing, and not falling down in a rocking ship are all governed by the skill.
Sleight of Hand The skill is all about how well you’re able to execute trickery be it hiding an object, planting something on someone, etc.
Stealth Another skill that’s pretty straightfoward! It deals with concealing you when it comes to sneaking past something, avoiding gaurds, and making an entrance/exit without anyone noticing anything.
Animal Handling This one is as simple as it can get. The skill determines how well you can calm an animal down, prevent your mount from getting spooked during danger, etc.


Insight Insight lets you learn more about the intentions of NPCs in the game. You can also use it to predict what someone will do next or to gather clues regarding different things.
Medicine It lets you revive unconscious members and diagnose various kinds of ailments.
Perception The skill is fairly straightforward! It governs factors like awareness of your surroundings, hearing/seeing, and a general idea of where the danger might be lurking. It should allow you to be more aware of any ambushes and eavesdrop on conversations for valuable information.
Survival The skill is your best friend when it comes to identiying and avoiding natural hazards, following tracks, checking from dangers, and more.


Deception Are you capable of deceiving people? Hide truth from them? Tell me lies about anything and everything? Make false accusation? This skill lets you do it all!
Persuasion The skill does the same job as intimidation (more or less) but without a hint of violence thrown into the mix. It can come in handy when it comes to forming friendships, making requests, asking for favors, etc.
Intimidation This skill lets you influence someone’s decisions by the use of threats, violence, and other hostile actions. It can be used to force someone to back out of a situation, enforce your will, etc.
Performance As the name suggests, the skill determines how well you can engage an audience with various types of performance i.e. dancing, singing, acting, narration, etc.

These are all the skills in Baldur’s Gate 3. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Baldur’s Gate 3 wiki guides.

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