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Shadowheart’s approval Baldur’s Gate 3 leads to her joining your party and a possible romance and ensue. As you journey through the vast world, the choices you make can influence how your companions perceive you. Shadowheart, with her complex personality and intriguing backstory, is no exception. This guide will help you with actions and decisions that can either win her favor or displease her.

Who Is Shadowheart?

Shadowheart is a complex character in Baldur’s Gate 3, with a multifaceted personality that players need to navigate carefully. At her core, she values privacy and boundaries, often rewarding those who approach her with genuine curiosity while respecting her need for space. It’s essential not to pry too much into her personal matters, especially initially. Beneath her tough exterior, Shadowheart possesses a heart of gold. She has a strong inclination towards peaceful resolutions and tends to appreciate strategies that employ deception, wit, and persuasion over brute force.

However, she doesn’t shy away from acts of self-interest, such as extortion, thievery, and scamming, provided they have a justifiable reason. This sometimes makes her reactions seem inconsistent, but understanding her core values can help players predict her responses. Shadowheart has a particular affinity for successful Persuasion, Deception, Religion, and Insight Checks, with some of her most pivotal scenes hinging on these checks. It’s also worth noting her rivalry with Lae’zal; siding with Shadowheart against Lae’zal can earn her approval, but at the cost of Lae’zal’s favor. As a devout worshipper of Shar and by her nature as a Cleric of the Trickery Domain, Shadowheart appreciates actions that align with the principles of secrecy, indirect approaches, and deceit.


Actions That Increase Shadowheart’s Approval In Baldur’s Gate 3

Intro Area- Ravage Beach – Dank CryptSave her from the pod in the Nautiloid.

After getting her out of the Mind Flayer Pod in Escape the Nautiloid, choose to help her find supplies and a doctor in the Find a Cure mission.

In Camp, tell Shadowheart that finding the doctor is super important. She’ll like that.

Calm down the scared Boar (Astarion scared it) by either passing an Animal Handling test or using Speak with Animals.

Convince the explorers to go away from the Overgrown Ruins.
Side with Shadowheart after the fight with the undead writers in the Dank Crypt.

Pass a Religion test on the Book of Dead Gods.

Trick Lae’zel’s guards when she’s trapped in a cage.

Ask Lae’zel to say “please” before you free her.
Druid GroveShow Guex in the Druid Grove how you handle your sword.

Talk Zevlor and Aradin out of their fight in Druid’s Grove.

After rescuing Nadira from the Bugbear in the Grove, trick her into giving you the Soul Coin.

Stop the Tieflings from hurting the Goblin Sazza in the cage, arguing she has valuable info.

When you first meet Zorru, ask Lae’zel if she’s always this tough with new people.

With Lae’zel around, talk to Zorru and prevent her from making Zorru kneel.

When Arka questions you about a goblin’s life, say that wanting revenge can destroy someone.

In the Emerald Grove, let Silver the wolf sniff you. (You need to be able to talk to animals.)

Convince Kagha to release Arabella.

Remind Kagha that sometimes being tough is needed to protect loved ones.

Promise to use the Wyvern poison that Nettie hands you.

Side with Shadowheart after you promise to use the poison.

Chat with the bird building its nest in the grove using your animal talk skills.

Tell Raphael he’s crazy and that you won’t ever strike a deal with a devil.
ForestDestroy the Tadpole near the Druid Grove.

Advise Edowin’s brothers and sisters to go away.

Use your acting skills to persuade the Owlbear in its den not to attack you.

Spare the Owlbear Cub after defeating its mother in the cave.

Assure Scratch he’s welcome at your Camp if his buddy doesn’t recover.

Respect her wishes and avoid touching the Selûne chest in the owlbear den.

Offer assistance to Johl and Demir in rescuing Mayrina from Auntie Ethel.
Blighted VillageConvince the Goblins at the entrance to allow you to walk through without trouble.

Successfully convince the Ogres to work for you without payment, even though it’s a tough task.

Talk the Goblins at the Windmill into leaving without any conflict.

After assisting the Gnome in the Windmill, request a reward.
Risen RoadUpon your initial encounter with Karlach, pick any conversation option that doesn’t mention the paladins sent you. Then, succeed in either the Intimidation or Persuasion test. If Wyll is with you, persuade him to let her go by discussing the visions you both share.

Use your Bard skills to convince Rugan to hand over their goods.
Sunlit WetlandsImitate the growl of a mind flayer while conversing with Lorin.
Respond with “This isn’t my concern. Goodbye” when you come across Auntie Ethel and the brothers at the entrance to the Sunlit Wetlands.

After Auntie Ethel’s true intentions are revealed, inform Johl and Demir that it’s their issue to handle.

As you step into the swamp, make sure you notice everything around, and then mimic a sheep’s sound when talking to the redcap.

When Astarion is with you, question his decision to confront Gandrel and point out that there was no need for violence.
Goblin CampMake Novice Crusher bow down and kiss your foot at the Goblin Camp.

After experiencing the first Tadpole Dream, share with Lae’zel that you resisted the urge in the dream.

After the initial Tadpole Dream, inform Shadowheart that you didn’t give in during the dream.

Use a more forceful approach the second time to get Novice Crusher to kiss your foot.

After confronting Novice Crusher with “I’d sooner spit in your face” and defeating him, demand he kisses your foot.

After defeating Novice Crusher post-confrontation, consider taking him down completely. (This might lead to a camp-wide battle.)

Persuade Tracker Klagga to hand over the poem from the deceased dwarf.

Assure tracker grikka (the goblin close to the cooking dwarf) that you can extract information from the captive.

Bring Shadowheart, Lae’zel, and Astarion to the chicken chase spot. Engage in a conversation with Shadowheart and agree to focus on finding Halsin.

Win the Chicken Chase and use your illithid abilities to make Krolla pay up.

Welcome the Owlbear cub to join your camp. (This is possible if you spared the Owlbear in the Cave.)

While participating in Chicken Chase and having the ability to communicate with animals, get the Owlbear on your side.
If Krolla denies your Chicken Chase winnings, employ your illithid powers.

Express condolences to the Goblin Child Eight in the Outdoor Goblin Camp, saying, “I’m sorry for your loss.”
Persuade Booyahg Piddle to pray rather than read the script.

Participate in the ritual offered by the Loviatar priest.
Inflict pain on Liam for Torturer Spike, without Wyll’s presence.

Successfully extract information from Liam for Wyll. This requires a successful persuasion attempt.

Forcefully get information out of Torturer Spike.

In the Shattered Sanctum, with Wyll accompanying you, show interest in the game discussed by the three goblins. (This happens in a room before Dror Ragzlin’s throne room, towards the west.)

Inform Minthara you’re aware of the grove’s location but cleverly hide the exact details.

After interrogating Liam, deceive Minthara by saying he revealed the grove’s location, but succeed in the deceit check.

Upon your first interaction with Halsin, assure him of your assistance against the goblins.

Advise Halsin to remain in the Worg Pens.

Advise Halsin to remain concealed within the Worg Pens.
Shattered SanctumTake part in the ritual with Abdirak
UnderdarkBattle the imposter god Boooal at THE FESTERING COVE.

Acquire the Boots of Speed from Thulla.

Successfully persuade the Myconid king during your conversation.

Honestly explain to the Restless Myconid about the parasite and your need for a safe route.

Soothe the Rothé and get it to make way in the Abandoned Refuge.

Feed the Owlbear Cub from your provisions while at the camp.

Offer to discuss the Nautiloid Ship with Omeluum and impress him with your Performance skills.
Last Light InnInform Isobel about Marcus’s intention to abduct her.

Engage in a game of hide and seek with Oliver.

Decline Jaheira’s offer of the tainted wine.
Ruined BattlefieldEngage in a game of hide and seek with Oliver.

Trick the tollkeeper, Gerringothe Thorm.

In the ‘Seek Protection from the Shadow Curse’ quest, trick Kar’niss into handing over his lantern.

In the ‘Seek Protection from the Shadow Curse’ quest, persuade Kar’niss to depart without his lantern.

After obtaining the moon lantern, decide not to free the pixie named Dolly Dolly Dolly.

Each time you successfully pretend to drink in front of Thisobald Thorm at The Waning Moon.

Each time you accurately recount a tale to Thisobald Thorm at The Waning Moon.
House of HealingPersuade the sisters to test on themselves.

Persuade Malus Thorm to take his own life.
Reithwin Masons’ GuildAssure Arabella that you’ll search for her parents.

Let Arabella know she’s welcome to stay at your campsite.
Gauntlet of SharDirectly confront Yurgir.

Persuade Balthazar to assist you on your journey.

Prior to the Sharran Trials, engage with the Sacrificial Bowl and allow her to act freely.

Before stepping into the Shadowfell Entrance, support her
decision regarding the sacrifice for Lady Shar.
CampOn the first night at camp, concur with her that finding a cure for everyone is crucial.

During the initial Tadpole dream event at camp, persuade Lae’zel to back off.

Shadowheart appreciates when Scratch is petted.

After the second Tadpole dream, advise the group against using the Tadpole’s abilities.

Express regret over your decision after the third tadpole dream.

Decline the offer from Raphael/The Devil.

Post-discussion with the devil, assure Shadowheart you’d never rely on the devil.

After persuading her during a conversation about Shar, respond with “remind me” or “She doesn’t sound appealing, going by her titles,” She’ll then elaborate on Shar. Key responses include “I won’t cast judgements on your beliefs” or “I’d be lying if I said it didn’t sound convincing……”

Assure Shadowheart that her faith doesn’t bother you.
Inquire about her devotion to Shar and convince her you’re fine with it.

Discuss Shadowheart’s lost memories and express a desire to see her favorite flowers.

When Shadowheart experiences a strange magical event, opt to divert the conversation.

Upon Lae’zel’s discovery of Shadowheart’s githyanki relic, support her.

At camp, when Shadowheart offers to share a personal memory, accept and express gratitude after hearing it for a positive response.

Actions That Decrease Shadowheart’s Approval In Baldur’s Gate 3

  • If you decide to help Lae’zel find a place called “crèche” after setting her free.
  • If you promise to help a guy named Wyll save some people in a place called the Druid Grove.
  • When you meet a weird old lady named Auntie Ethel in the Emerald Grove, and you tell her about the weird worm in your head.
  • If you try to talk your way past a goblin guard at the entrance of the Goblin Camp.
  • If you help Auntie Ethel when two guys, Johl and Demir, are mad at her.
  • If you say you’ll help those two guys, Johl and Demir, take back someone named Mayrina from Auntie Ethel.
  • If you put poop on your face when a guy named Sentinel Olak tells you to (yuck!).
  • Shadowheart doesn’t like Lae’zel much. So, if you always agree with Lae’zel, Shadowheart might get upset.
  • If you keep asking Shadowheart about a box she has or her past before she’s ready to talk about it, she’ll get mad.
  • If you see two trolls being… well, romantic, in a place called the Blighted Village.
  • If you tell a fancy-looking guy named Raphael that you’d do anything to get the worm out of your head.
  • If you keep saying you’ll help a lady named Mayrina when talking to Auntie Ethel at her house.
  • If you say you trust a guy named Astarion after he drinks some of your blood during a long rest (which is super weird!).
  • If you tell Shadowheart to hurry up when you’re in a place where you chase chickens.
  • If you talk to Shadowheart about her god, Shar, and after she explains, you say her faith is bad.
  • On the first night at camp, if you tell her that you’re more worried about her than a guy named Gale.
  • In a place called the Shattered Sanctum, if you tell a guy named Halsin to do things on his own.
  • If you drink Jaheira’s wine truth serum spiked wine.
  • Assure Nettle that you will take the poison if you start turning into a mind flyer.
  • Give 200 coin to the Artist
  • When in Gauntlet of Shar, lick the Dead Spider meat.
  • When in Gauntlet of Shar, Peer inside Shadowheart’s mind when she is praying to her God.

That’s all you need to know on how to get Shadowheart’s Approval in Baldur’s Gate 3.


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