In the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, players often find themselves faced with moral dilemmas and challenging decisions. One such decision revolves around the Kuo-Toa Boooal, a unique character that players can encounter. This guide will walk you through the steps to save the Kuo-Toa Boooal and the consequences of saving it in Baldur’s Gate 3.


Who is the Kuo-Toa Boooal?

The Kuo-Toa Boooal is a fish-like creature in Baldur’s Gate 3 that players will come across in the Underdark region of the game. This creature is in a dire situation, as it is about to be sacrificed by its fellow Kuo-Toa in a ritual to appease their god. The Kuo-Toa are enraptured by a deity named BOOOAL, making live sacrifices and endlessly praising this incarnate god. Players familiar with the world of “Baldur’s Gate 3” will quickly realize that something is amiss with this situation, as one of the game’s central themes revolves around mind control.

Where To Find Kuo-Toa In Baldur’s Gate 3

The Festering Cove, where the Kuo-Toa are located, is near the Arcane Tower and the mushroom portal leading to the Teahouse. The entrance to this cove is surrounded by explosive plants, making it a hidden and treacherous location. Those who find their secret entrance will understand why the Kuo-Toa aren’t wandering the world and trading on the surface.

Guide to finding Festering Cove.

How To Save the Kuo-Toa BOOOAL In Baldur’s Gate 3

  1. Locate the Ritual Site: The first step is to find the ritual site where the Kuo-Toa are preparing to sacrifice Boooal. This site is located in the Underdark, near the Myconid Village.
  2. Nature Check: Before engaging with the Kuo-Toa, players must pass a Nature check that occurs at the beginning of the cutscene when approaching the group. If this check fails, players might not know the best way to handle the situation.
  3. Engage in Dialogue: Approach the Kuo-Toa performing the ritual and engage in a conversation. You’ll quickly realize that they believe sacrificing Boooal will turn him into a god, which will, in turn, protect them.
  4. Persuasion and Other Checks: To save Boooal, players can choose the dialogue option “You can give it a rest. Your ‘god’ isn’t real.” Following this, they must succeed on a Persuasion, Strength, or Intelligence check. If players choose the dialogue option “I’ll just kill you and claim it for myself” after successfully passing a skill check, they will only have to fight BOOOAL. Failing the skill check will result in combat against both BOOOAL and the Kuo-Toa.
  5. Outcome of Combat: After defeating BOOOAL, the Kuo-Toa will seek guidance. Players can introduce them to a new deity or allow the Kuo-Toa to worship the player as their new god.
  6. Aftermath: Once you’ve saved Boooal, you can choose to let him go or recruit him to your camp. If you decide to recruit him, he will offer his services as a merchant, providing you with various goods.

Consequences Of Saving Kuo-Tao Boooal

Saving the Kuo-Toa Boooal has both immediate and long-term implications. In the short term, you prevent a creature from being unjustly sacrificed. In the long run, saving Boooal can provide you with a valuable ally in the form of a merchant, making your journey through the game a bit easier. If players fail to save the Kuo-Toa and decide against harming them, they can still appease BOOOAL by either sacrificing one of their companions or agreeing to carry out a killing on his behalf. If players choose to sacrifice a companion, their party receives a powerful, permanent buff. If players manage to appease BOOOAL, either by following his wishes or through other means, they will be rewarded with BOOOAL’s Sickle.