In Baldur’s Gate 3, every decision you make shapes your journey and decides who becomes your enemy or companion. The characters you choose to accompany you on your quest can significantly influence the outcome of quests, battles, and boss fights. Among these characters, Karlach, a fiery Barbarian with a mysterious past, stands out.


Her unique abilities and combat prowess make her a valuable addition to any party. However, finding and recruiting Karlach is not a straightforward task. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to find and recruit Karlach in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Where To Find Karlach In Baldur’s Gate 3

The process to recruit Karlach begins early in Act 1. After successfully defeating the scouting party attacking the Druid Grove, continue westward. Cross the stone bridge and head north, bypassing the entrance to the Blighted Village. You’ll arrive at a clearing with a friendly dog that you can pet and send to your camp.

Further north, you’ll find a river with several rocks that can be used as stepping stones. Cross the river and head east to the end of the pathway. Here, you’ll find Karlach, engulfed in hellish flames. The exact coordinates for Karlach’s location are X: -104; Y: 520.


Make sure you have an available slot in your party for Karlach to join. If your party is full, she’ll rush to the location of a battle and participate as an AI-controlled NPC.

Alternate Path: Finding Karlach With Wyll

If you’ve recruited Wyll at the Druid Grove, his first personal quest is to find Karlach, whom he mistakenly believes to be an evil demon. This will mark a general area on your map where you can find Karlach. If Wyll is in your party when you find Karlach, he will initially urge you to kill her. However, you can easily convince him to stand down, and he will gain approval if you point out that he knows she’s not a devil.

If you haven’t recruited Wyll and you recruit Karlach, a scene will play out at your next camp where Wyll arrives to kill Karlach. This provides an opportunity to recruit Wyll even if you missed him at the Druid Grove.

How To Beat Anders

Karlach’s quest, titled “Hunt the Devil,” involves eliminating Anders and his group of “fake” Paladins, who are actually followers of the devil Zariel. You’ll find them in a building on the Risen Road. Before engaging in conversation with Anders, it’s recommended to strategically position your party:

  • Position one melee character near Anders.
  • Place another melee character next to the Halfling Ranger.
  • Keep your spellcaster in a corner of the room, at a safe distance.
  • Have Karlach descend the ladder only after your party is in position.

Once Anders spots Karlach, a dialogue will be triggered, leading to a battle. With your party strategically positioned, you should be able to defeat Anders and his cohorts with relative ease. This victory will reward you with the Sword of Justice, Anders’ weapon, and a Soul Coin found on a shelf in the adjacent room.

How To Recruit Karlach For Your Party In Baldur’s Gate 3

With Anders defeated, you can officially recruit and romance Karlach. As a Barbarian, Karlach relies on Rage generation to boost her DPS, delivering powerful strikes that can inflict significant damage.

After the battle, Karlach will start running around due to the hellish fires burning her. To alleviate this, you’ll need to find Infernal Iron and a Tiefling knowledgeable in engineering.

Points To Consider

Karlach and Wyll have a history, and tensions between them may escalate to the point of a physical confrontation. Preventing this fight will earn you approval from other party members in Baldur’s Gate 3. Also, ensure you save the Tiefling refugees in the Druid Grove. Choosing to romance Minthara instead will cause both Karlach and Wyll to leave your party permanently.