Baldur’s Gate 3 offers players a plethora of combat options, ensuring every battle is a unique experience. One of the early formidable foes you’ll encounter is the Phase Matriarch Spider. This arachnid can be a tough challenge, but with the right strategy and preparation, victory is within reach. This guide will walk you through the steps to confront and defeat this menacing creature.


Where To Find Phase Matriarch Spider

To engage the Phase Matriarch Spider, players must first venture into the Whispering Depths. Access to this area can be gained through the well in the Blighted Village or via the two walls inside the Blacksmith’s house.

How To Beat Phase Matriarch Spider In Baldur’s Gate 3

Upon entering the Whispering Depths, here’s a step-by-step approach to tackle the Matriarch Spider:

Control The Minions

Begin by either sneaking past, burning, or shooting the webs. This action prevents the smaller spiders from advancing towards you. Alternatively, you can strategically leave the webs intact and destroy them when enemies are positioned on top, causing them to fall and take damage.


Before confronting the Matriarch, it’s crucial to address her offspring:

  • Avoid Initial Encounters: At the onset, try to evade any direct confrontations with the spiders. Instead, focus on the unhatched eggs. These eggs, if left unchecked, can unleash a horde of spiders that will attack from all directions.
  • Use of Invisibility: Players can utilize invisibility potions to sneak past the spiders and directly target the eggs. These eggs are typically grouped, making them easier to locate and neutralize. In total, there are three groups of eggs to address.
  • Luring Tactics: If other spiders are guarding the eggs, consider luring them away using other party members. This strategy allows players to destroy the eggs without interference.
  • Handling Baby Spiders: If some eggs hatch and baby spiders join the fray, they can be relatively easy to manage. Players can attack and then push them off the ledge. However, be prepared for their numbers, as they can swarm you.

Target The Nest

After dealing with the initial wave of spiders, focus on the Phase Matriarch Spider’s nest. Here, you should prioritize eliminating the eggs. Using grenades or spells can be particularly effective in destroying them.

Engage The Matriarch

When the Matriarch Spider becomes aggressive, maintain your position on one platform. Wait for the spider to traverse a web bridge, then destroy the bridge. This tactic inflicts fall damage on the spider. For a swift conclusion to the battle, wait for the Matriarch to approach the eggs on the east side and hatch them. Following this, deploy a caustic bulb and a fire spell, which will send the spider plummeting off the platform, resulting in its demise. However, be cautious with this method as it may result in lost loot.

  • Beware of the AOE Poison Attack: The Matriarch’s AOE poison ranged attack is particularly damaging. Players should be cautious and try to avoid this attack.
  • Web Tactics: A smart strategy involves targeting the webs the spiders traverse. By attacking the web with any attack dealing 4+ damage, players can cause the spiders to fall, inflicting fall damage. This tactic can quickly end the battle, especially if the spider falls into a chasm. However, this might result in forfeiting some loot.
  • Teleportation Ability: Even if the spiders suffer fall damage, be prepared for them to reappear instantly due to their teleportation abilities.


Upon defeating the Phase Spider Matriarch, players will be rewarded with the Poisoner’s Robe. Always remember to save your game before engaging in this battle to ensure you can retry if things don’t go as planned.


Best Weapon Against Phase Matriarch Spider

To increase your chances against the Phase Matriarch Spider, it’s recommended to equip the Vision of the Absolute weapon. This weapon is especially potent against enemies with multiple eyes, making it invaluable against Phase Spiders.

How To Get The Vision Of The Absolute

Head into the Owlbear Nest. Here, you can either confront the Owlbear or choose to flee. If you opt for the latter, return later to find the creature defeated. Those who vanquish the Owlbear should loot its remains to obtain the Head of a Broken Spear. The Shaft of a Broken Spear is located outside the cave, on Edowin’s body post-mortem. To assemble the weapon, access your inventory, right-click on either the Shaft or Head, and select ‘Combine’. Merge both items to craft the Vision of the Absolute.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a game that celebrates player freedom and creativity. While the Phase Matriarch Spider presents a tough challenge, with the right tools and strategy, it can be overcome. Whether you choose to utilize the Vision of the Absolute or devise your own tactics, the world of the Forgotten Realms awaits your conquest.


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