Baldur’s Gate 3, an epic role-playing game filled with adventure and mystery, features numerous puzzles that add depth and intrigue to the gameplay. One such puzzle is encountered early in confines of the Nautiloid, a Mind Flayer’s ship. Dubbed the “Pod Puzzle,” it revolves around a control terminal in a room filled with pods. This unique puzzle doesn’t just require you to solve it, but also subtly introduces important characters and potential allies into the narrative. Among the captives held in the pods is Shadowheart, a cleric of Shar, who is one of the companions in Baldur’s Gate 3. Understanding and interacting with this puzzle sets the pace for the engaging journey that lies ahead in the realm of Baldur’s Gate 3.


The Pod Puzzle is encountered early in Baldur’s Gate 3, specifically on the Nautiloid, a Mind Flayer’s ship. This puzzle involves a room filled with pods and a control terminal.

Here’s how to understand and interact with the Pod Puzzle:

  1. Capsule Room: As you explore the upper level of the Nautiloid, you’ll come across a room filled with capsules. Among them, you’ll spot a notable pod holding a captive character, Shadowheart.
  2. Terminal Control: The key feature of this puzzle is the terminal controlling the capsules, which comes with three buttons. Each button has a unique function:
    • Left Button: Pressing the left button has no effect. It is a red herring in this puzzle.
    • Middle Button: The middle button, when pressed, releases some people from the pods. However, they are under the control of Mind Flayers and will engage in combat with your team. Defeating these characters won’t be challenging, but the reward is minimal, offering only one experience point.
    • Right Button: The right button is fatal to those in the pods. Pressing it will unfortunately result in their demise.
  3. Shadowheart’s Pod: Among the pods, you will find Shadowheart, a cleric of Shar, held captive. You can examine the opening mechanism of her pod and try to pass a skill check to investigate it further. Unfortunately, all attempts to break the magic barriers and free Shadowheart will prove unsuccessful at this stage. She must remain in the pod until the end of the prologue.

While the Pod Puzzle doesn’t allow you to free Shadowheart directly, understanding its functions helps you navigate this scenario with minimal confrontation and gain some experience. This encounter also introduces you to Shadowheart, setting the stage for recruiting her into your party later in the game.



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