Baldur’s Gate 3 offers plenty of choices and there is often more than one way of completing an objective Towards the end of Act 1, you will need to get to Moonrise Towers and you must decide which route to take. You can either take the mountain pass to the Underdark. In this Baldur’s Gate 3 guide, we go over both routes of getting to the Moonrise Towers and whether you should take the mountain pass or Underdark.


Should You Pick Mountain Pass Or Underdark In Baldur’s Gate 3?

We recommend going with both the mountain pass and the Underdark since both have important character quests. So the more important question is which one should you do first. We suggest using the mountain pass to get to Moonrise Towers first since the Underdark is much harder and longer. Just do not get too far into the Moonrise Tower quest since there is a point of no return later on in Act 2 of the game.

Without getting into spoilers, the quest concerns Gale. By taking the mountain pass route to the Moonrise Towers, you can gain some XP progress Gale’s storyline and gain some XP before you head into the harder Underdark. You will also be able to pick up some items from the First Light Inn shops.

Mountain Pass Choice And Its Implications

Situated between the Goblin Camp and Waukeen’s Rest, the Mountain Pass serves as a more straightforward route to the Moonrise Towers. Players can access the pass from the Rosymorn Monastery Trail. The region is dotted with quests like:

  • The Githiyanki Warrior
  • Elminster’s Quest
  • The Infernal Machine
  • The Blade of Frontiers

Key characters like Lae’zel, Gael, and Karlach can be encountered here. The Mountain Pass offers two primary paths to the Moonrise Towers. The first, west of Waukeen’s Rest, involves a significant encounter against a Githiyanki patrol group. The second, southwest of the Goblin Camp, presents more formidable foes.

Upon reaching the Shadow-Cursed Lands, players meet Drider Kar’nisss. He offers protection to the Absolute’s followers, guiding them to the Moonrise Towers with his Moon Lantern. However, a confrontation with Harpers from the Last Light Inn ensues. Players can choose to side with Kar’niss or the Harpers, each decision leading to different outcomes.

Last Light Inn: A Safe Haven

The Last Light Inn, protected by a Moon Shield, offers refuge from the Shadow Curse. Here, players can interact with Harper’s leader, Jaheira, and another crucial character, Isobel. Both provide valuable insights and assistance for the journey ahead. The inn also presents several side quests, including:

  • Find Mol
  • Investigate the Selûnite Resistance
  • Lift the Shadow Curse
  • Protect Last Light Inn
  • The Pale Elf

Underdark Choice And Its Implications

The Underdark, home to races like the Drow and Duergar, is a perilous realm teeming with deadly creatures such as Bulettes and Phase Spiders. Despite its dangers, the Underdark offers rich rewards that can set players up for success in Act 2.


Players can embark on numerous side quests in the Underdark, including:

  • Avenge Glut’s Circle
  • Cure The Poisoned Gnome
  • Daughter Of Darkness
  • Defeat The Duergar Intruders
  • Finish The Masterwork Weapon

The Underdark can be accessed from various locations, including the Whispering Depths, Zhentharim Hideout, Defiled Temple, and Hag’s Lair. Within the Underdark, players can navigate to Grymforge using a boat from the Decrepit Village. The Grymforge Elevator is the key to progressing, but players must first free and subsequently defeat True Soul Nere to obtain a Moon Lantern.

The Moon Lantern is essential for navigating the Shadow-Cursed Lands. While the lantern obtained from Nere is initially broken, players can repair it or acquire a functional one from Drider Kar’niss. With the lantern in hand, players can choose to visit the Last Light Inn or head directly to the Moonrise Towers.

This is what you need to know about picking the mountain pass or the Underdark to get to the Moonrise Towers in Baldur’s Gate 3. To learn more about the game, check out our guide on whether you should side with Nere or take his head. You can also check out our guide on how you can recruit Scratch. For more content, check out our Baldur’s Gate 3 guides hub.



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