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Minthara is a non-playable character (NPC) and can be a potential boss or companion in Baldur’s Gate 3. She is a ruthless Drow preparing an assault on Druid Grove. Bosses in the game are powerful enemies with increased health, presenting a significant challenge to players.

Minthara can initially be found in Act I within the Shattered Sanctum, located inside the Goblin Camp. If players side with her, they can embark on a branching storyline that allows them to align with the Goblins, leading to the quest “Raid the Grove.” This quest can potentially lead to recruiting her in Act II. In Act II, Minthara is found on trial and under torture in the Moonrise Towers. Rescuing her here offers the opportunity to officially recruit her as a companion. However, if players side with the Tieflings and eliminate the goblins, they will end up killing Minthara. The same outcome occurs if players initially side with her but later fail to convince her of their shared affiliation with the Absolute.

Gaining Minthara’s approval is essential for befriending or romancing her. Some actions that increase her approval include:


Actions That Will Increase Minthara’s Approval

Note: This guide is a work in progress.

Chapter No.Action/Decision
1When you peacefully enter the Shattered Sanctum while being on good terms with the Goblins you have the option to converse with Minthara and decide to assist her in her mission (Assault the Druid Grove).

Once back at the Druids Grove, earn Minthara’s confidence by turning against the Tieflings (deceive Zevlor) during the following clash. Assisting Minthara’s raiding group by opening the gate (Sound the warhorn – deceive Zevlor) will spark a conflict with the residents of the grove. After defeating all the Tieflings and eliminating the druids, meet up with Minthara again.

She’ll then propose to accompany you back to your campsite. Conclude the day, set up camp, and engage in a conversation with Minthara. She’ll be by your side when you retire for the night.

Explore her desires: this could lead to an opportunity to convince [Persuasion 8] her in the subsequent discussion.

[Wisdom Check 16]: Delve into her anxieties: this will lead to a need to threaten her [Intimidation 16] or start a fight. – If you can’t successfully convince or threaten her, she will confront you aggressively at your campsite.
2Say “You will have your revenge” after defeating Ketheric Thorm in a camp conversation will earn Minthara’s approval

“Understandable. He gave you the welcome you felt you deserved.” after killing Ketheric Thorm at camp will get Minthara’s approval.

Also in the same dialogue box option, “Pride can be a great weakness” will increase her approval of you.

Say “You respected him?” After killing Ketheric Thorm and talking to Minthara at the camp.

Find Ketheric Thorm’s Relic – At the Tollhouse, beat Gerringothe Thorm through skill challenges rather than combat.

In the House of Healing, if you’re a paladin, inform Malus Thorm that it’s your duty to kill him. Or, examine the sisters and suggest to Malus Thorm that the sisters should practice on one another.

Daughter of Darkness – Convince Shadowheart to kill Nightsong.
3Choosing [Deception] checks and succeeding every time gets her approval.

Actions That Will Decrease Minthara’s Approval

Note: This section is a work in progress.

  • Give Gerringothe Thorm all of your gold in Act 2 when you meet him in the Tollhouse.
  • During Open hand Temple Murders side quest say “Sounds like your god would be proud of Father Lorgan” when conversation between Brother Clements and Brother Bill takes place.
  • Do not eat the Shar temple meat.


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