Just like any RPG out there, leveling is an integral part of Baldur’s Gate 3. As you continue to level up, you will unlock additional spells, abilities, and stats. And so, it is pretty important in order to make your character stronger. You should also note that unless you are engaging in combat that includes all the entire party, you will only get XP for a single character. In this guide, we have shared some tips to help you easily level up in Baldur’s Gate 3.


Leveling Up Fast in Baldur’s Gate 3

Before we begin, please note that you do not absolutely have to do these things. As long as you are playing on your own pace, you should be good. This guide is directed toward people who want to min-max from the get-go.

Focus on Exploration

Almost everything you do should grant a bit of XP. This is why you should try to explore while you are progressing through the game. Some of the ways that you can use are: speaking to NPCs, completing puzzles, opening chests, etc.

Complete Quests

This may sound like a no-brainer but you should complete as many quests as possible —Main Quests and Side Quests. And while Main Quests reward more XP, it is a good idea to complete as many Side Quests as possible since the XP from them can easily stack.


Some of the easier questlines that you can do is saving Volo, Liam, returning Halsin, helping Spaw, etc.

Combat is Massive

As mentioned earlier, almost everything you do in the game rewards you with some XP — this also includes combat. However, before you decide to engage in combat, it is important to note that combat rewards XP to everyone in the party as opposed to something like speaking to NPCs. Therefore, it is a good idea to never skip combat while farming XP.

Best XP Farming Zones

There are some zones that you can use to farm a lot of XP in as little time as possible. As mentioned earlier, you will need to fight. Some of these zones are shared below:

  • Goblin Camp
  • Shattered Sanctum
  • Beach — Underdark
  • Grymforge — Underdark
  • Selunite Outpost — Underdark

Pass the Skill Checks

As you progress through Baldur’s Gate 3, you will need to pass some skill checks while speaking to NPCs. If you are ever in such a position, try to pass these skill checks to earn a decent amount of XP. You can also use the skills from your characters to make it a bit easier.


These tips should help you level up fast in Baldur’s Gate 3. For more help on the game, be sure to see our detailed Baldur’s Gate 3 wiki page.


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